Tip of an iceberg: The mountain of Rotherham child grooming cases still on the books

The convictions of Sageer Hussain and his associates have brought to an end one high-profile police investigation into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham – but the National Crime Agency’s (NCA) huge inquiry, potentially involving hundreds of alleged victims and perpetrators, is still just beginning.

The NCA investigation into what happened in the town between 1997 and 2003 has now engaged with 133 victims and survivors but investigators say they are confident that Professor Alexis Jay was right when she said in her report two years ago that the total number is around 1,400 .

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/crime/tip-of-an-iceberg-the-mountain-of-rotherham-child-grooming-cases-still-on-the-books-1-8185990

Second Rotherham Trial at Sheffield Crown Court:


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7 Responses to Tip of an iceberg: The mountain of Rotherham child grooming cases still on the books

  1. Loudmouth says:

    Sageer Hussian has some balls, remember him defending his brother and claiming these allegations were all made up. He even had the gaul to appear on TV. His parents, especially his mother must be extremely proud of what her son’s depravity have inflected on all those poor innocent little girls. She and her useless husband, must walk about the community, with their heads held high and attend the Mosque, and be beacons of Pakistani family culture. Am wondering why Rotheham Council Social Services didn’t intervene and remove these monsters from their wicked and inadequate parents.

  2. reg reader says:

    A good piece of journalism from the Yorkshire Post.

  3. Colin Tawn says:

    I’m waiting for Hussain & Co. to play the race card, it seems to be the norm these days when non-white people are sent down for vile crimes.

    • Loudmouth says:

      They didn’t have to play the race card themselves, the misguided Multicultrualists White’s played it for them, which is why 1400-2000 little white girls were abused.

  4. Parsonage says:

    As ever there’s no attempt to put the epidemic in context, let alone the national context it deserves.

    What about West Yorkshire – where there have been 3 major convictions this year for vile group/gang offences committed in Keighley, Halifax and Dewsbury?

    And Telford where the grooming may having taken place – and be taking place – on a scale equivalent to Rotherham? The local MP called for an independent enquiry on Telford grooming, one of the victim’s parents did likewise over Keighley. Apparently the Libery GB organisation has called for a public enquiry into West Yorkshire grooming. Several years ago a lawyer involved in the 3rd Rochdale case requested a public enquiry, particularly into the taxi trafficking aspect. The Times newspaper and the Oxford Serious Case Review asked for research into the grooming epidemic.

    Obviously nothing was forthcoming, and nothing will be forthcoming either. The Rotherham model is one investigation(CSE by organised networks) rolled up into the grotesque “Independent” Inquiry into CSA. Apparently it won’t report until 2020 – and if you believe that you will believe anything. This is simply an exercise in obfuscation and kicking awkward issues as far as possible into the long grass.

    This is utterly contemptible.

    One aspect brought up by the conviction of the latest lovely batch is the very close family relationship between the groomers

    This piece below raises that issue(very informative site btw)

    “One aspect of the grooming gang phenomenon which is discussed but rarely in any detail, is that these gangs have significant numbers of men who are brothers, uncles, cousins. This is one of the characteristics which sets this form of child abuse apart from other forms, along with the disparity in ethnicity between victims and perpetrators and the universality with which the authorities have pretended grooming gangs did not exist.

    No attempt has been made to link these convicts across the trials in one town across the years, let alone to display the network across the country. One impediment to this, is that the UK courts do not keep transcripts for more than 5 years. So this would need to be an on-going project to fully explicate how these people are connected. ”


    “If the proper resources were put into analysing these connections, a distinctive trait of this crime, then a fuller understanding of the complexity of the connections between those who groomed, pimped and raped these schoolgirls would become manifest. But as with the thousands of childcare-professionals who kept quiet about the gangs, so thousands of academics, criminologists and journalists are going to keep quiet about these family connections among grooming gangs in England.”

    Indeed, if the politically correct omerta were to be lifted and the proper resources were put in….some hope that is

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