Police failures could let Rotherham abuse happen again says schools watchdog

Police failures to take child protection seriously could lead to a repeat of the horrifying abuse scandals seen in Rotherham and Oxford, the chief inspector of schools has claimed.

Ofsted boss Sir Michael Wilshaw said that there are “serious weaknesses” in how a string of forces deal with the issue in a damning letter to police watchdog chief Sir Tom Winsor.

He wrote: “My worry is that if chief constables fail to give this issue sufficient priority, we may see a repeat of the sort of catastrophic failings we saw a few years ago in places like Rotherham, Oxford and elsewhere.”

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/crime/police-failures-could-let-rotherham-abuse-happen-again-says-schools-watchdog-1-8187037

5 thoughts on “Police failures could let Rotherham abuse happen again says schools watchdog

    • You need to ask those do gooders, who been pleading for these so called children? I thought they were toddlers, not suspected criminals, rapists and terrorists. Perhaps if these misguided fools spent more time with there own country people, instead of trying to solve the world problems, they then would be making a positive contribution to humanity. We have 4 million children living in poverty in Britain. Once these come in, another 100,000 more scallys will turn up and then even more. Peace loving Liberals idiots have open the floodgates.


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