CSE investigation detective praises father’s battle for justice

THE LEAD detective in the investigation which finally snared eight sex abusers has praised the determination of a father who battled to get justice for his daughter.

Det Chief Insp Martin Tate said the father of central complainant Amy (not her real name) was “very vocal” and said he had “assisted hugely” by keeping many documents about his daughter’s case.

Mr Tate said the investigation started in 2013 after being prompted by Andrew Norfolk’s article in The Times a year earlier and had evolved into a massive operation which scoured tens of thousands of documents and involved multiple agencies.

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/104861/cse-investigation-detective-praises-father-s-battle-for-justice.aspx

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6 Responses to CSE investigation detective praises father’s battle for justice

  1. Paddy Cawkwell says:

    It proves one thing if the father had documents – everyone who should have known did know and they took a choice to do sod all.

  2. Xinsider says:

    I hope he claims compensation and damage from SYP for the fear and upheaval suffered by his daughter, and all the familyl from the negligence shown in their case by the cops

  3. Dave Smith says:

    He should be praised he fought long and hard for this, and his daughter should be praised for her bravery in helping, along with other brave survivors, in bringing about these convictions.
    Dave Smith

    • Loudmouth says:

      If ever there was a man who would do anything for his family and his little girl, it was this man. I doubt he’s even bother about getting any compensation, even though he would fully deserve it. His motivation was getting justice for his and other little girls being abused by these monsters. What we need is more like him in public service.

      Shame on you The Pakistani community, Council, Social Services, Police, Government, Rotherham Labour Party, the only thing you serve is yourselves. The lot of you are a !!!!!!! Disgrace.

      • Maggie Wilson says:

        I agree he should be so proud not only for himself but his wife and daughter which I no he is I have never known a family as strong as this and this family is our way forward with cse and survivors it’s the only way forward

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