Hundreds of police sex pests uncovered

Hundreds of police sex pests uncovered

Predatory officers face tough new punishments

Police who abuse their power for sexual advantage face new criminal sanctions as the scale of predatory behaviour by officers is revealed.

Forces across the country are examining more than 150 cases of alleged sexual misconduct by police, a Times investigation found. It also uncovered that 400 members of the public have made complaints over the past five years.

Many officers stand accused of harassing, sexually assaulting or raping women after they reported a crime. In some cases victims were targeted within police stations.

The Times has learnt that a law to punish police who have relationships with vulnerable victims of crime is being considered amid concerns that too few officers face charges.

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Crossing the line: hundreds of police are facing sexual misconduct claims

When an intoxicated young woman complained of being sexually assaulted by a rickshaw driver in London in the early hours of the morning, PC Rudi Raichura was dispatched to the scene.

As Raichura, 39, helped the distressed victim into a patrol car, his colleague was surprised to see the Metropolitan police officer reach over to put on the seatbelt and “whisper something in her ear”. Realising that Raichura had slipped his private telephone number to the woman, the colleague raised concerns with an inspector.

The PC was given a verbal warning about his behaviour but four months later a female GP complained that Raichura had insisted on driving her home in his patrol car and then asked her out on a date.

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4 Responses to Hundreds of police sex pests uncovered

  1. Needing the truth says:

    South Yorkshire Police needs to be investigated. All Senior Officers who have been involved in the last 20 years should be investigated and not by another Yorkshire or Lincolnshire Police Force. What did South Yorkshire Police Authority do, if they were contacted? What did The Police and Crime Commissioners’ do, when they were contacted? How many were involved in cover ups? People who have reported crimes such as CSA should have their concerns investigated properly now.
    seems the public were treated as idiots, to be ignored. Well now they will have to view the public and their complaints a little different now.

  2. Senior Officers of South Yorkshire Police have – quite obviously – refused to obey the law for quite some time. my father, Ralph Winstanley ( was murdered in his bed on 23Apr2004. There is lots of clear documentary evidence about this murder, yet the police cover up still proceeds, nearly 13 years on. The youngsters in Rotherham (etc) were ignored, treated as ‘slags’; and generally denigrated over decades by South Yorkshire Police.. which – tellingly – also treated the victims of Hillsborough and Orgreave as badly. SAenior Officers ( including Hedges, Hughes and Dyson) have long been out of hand.. and need to be brought into Court to answer for their total lack of lawful action.

    South Yorkshire Crown Prosecution Service tells me that it ‘has never yet been approached’ by anyone in South Yorkshire Police about the murder of my father, Ralph Winstanley. Yet we have presented clearly proving documents to several Chief Constables over the last 13 years.

    Such corruption is being paid for by the people of South Yorkshire.. who currently pay for around 4-5 different ‘Chief Constables’ – Crompton, Watson, Copley, Barber, Harwin. – with (I understand) yet another one to come. What is this ridiculous, anti-lawful situation costing the local area?

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