Quarterly meetings between the Council and MPs September 2013

This is the last in this series provided by our anonymous contributor to whom I am most grateful.

There are two sets of paperwork for September 2013. The first dated 20th September and the second, with a distinct change of emphasis, for the 28th. Why?


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5 thoughts on “Quarterly meetings between the Council and MPs September 2013

  1. Is someone trying to coerce the general public into believing a different picture than what is not true, ie, the MPs knew!

    To put it quite clearly, these “revelations” are post “Andrew Norfolk” reports, to put it more clearly these “revelations” are post “HASC 8th of January 2013”

    8th of January 2013
    House of Commons – Uncorrected Evidence – HC 182

    Why wouldn’t local MP’s want to know about what is happening in Rotherham, especially after the Times reports and HASC meetings, and Rik the link to the same data is included from yourself (no longer available on the RSCB, which is a bit odd), and also is the precursor from the independent chair RSCB, for the Independent Inquiry CSE Rotherham.

    “An independent  inquiry  is  to  be  commissioned  by  RMBC  into  historic Child Sexual Exploitation in  Rotherham.    The  Leader  of  the council  made a  formal  statement  to  Cabinet regarding  this  on  4th  September  2013  and a  detailed  report  on  who  will  lead the  inquiry, proposed  terms  of  reference  and  governance  and  reporting  arrangements  was  presented  to Cabinet  on  18th September.   It  is  anticipated  that  this  enquiry  will  commence  in late  2013”.


    To put it quite bluntly nobody was prepared for the Jay inquiry revelations, not even RMBC.

    Are the pictures above supposed to be a smoking gun! I think not.

    Or am I going mental, check it out, and compare!


    Why? Probably 2 separate meetings.


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  3. Might have got this wrong but HASC did not publish its report until June 2013.
    The evidence of 8 January 2013 ( Kimber and Thackers and then the Jackson’s) was not published until June when the Report was published


    • Sorry Sarah if you are referring to my post.

      HASC is not exactly a secretive process, but you are right to point out that some is.

      And all evidence oral, written is available to whoever is an interested party before any final report is concluded from HASC website.

      Reported as live by the BBC 8th of January 2013 HASC;

      Rotherham council apologises to child grooming victims – BBC News

      Whether you say January or June, looks a bit irrelevant when the above are dated September 2013 in full knowledge of what you are questioning.


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