Nazis targeted town to stir up racism and violence, Rotherham 12 trial hears

Nazis targeted town to stir up racism and violence, Rotherham 12 trial hears

The ‘Yorkshire’s Finest’ group has links to fascist organisations such as the National Front, reports Phil Turner

Nazis targeted a town where a grandfather was killed in a racist murder to stir up violence against Muslim families, prosecutors have admitted.

A jury heard that fascists calling themselves Yorkshire’s Finest were known to take part in far right marches in Rotherham to violently attack Asian people.

A group of Asian men known as the Rotherham 12 are on trial at Sheffield Crown Court. They were charged with violent disorder following a peaceful counter-protest against a Nazi Britain First march in Rotherham in September last year.

The march followed the racist murder of 81 year old grandfather Mushin Ahmed.

Police have admitted that no special measures were taken on the day to stop violence breaking out at a “flashpoint” pub where fascists regularly gathered.

The court heard that a group of drunken fascists stood outside the William Fry pub being racially abusive and threatening violence before attacking a group of Asian men.

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9 thoughts on “Nazis targeted town to stir up racism and violence, Rotherham 12 trial hears

  1. The legitimate march followed the 1,200+ cases of CSE committed by men of Pakistan origin. The murder of Mushin Ahmed was a sickening attack committed by those who sought to use the numerous CSE crimes as an excuse to commit a racist murder. If you use the SWP as a source for news you’re likely to further politicise an already tense atmosphere. If those described in the article were ‘Nazis’ then the outcome would’ve been somewhat worse. NO CSE in Rotherham. NO marches.


  2. Two simple questions – 1) Did the SWP have a reporter in Rotherham on the day of the riot ? 2) Who is paying Michael Mansfield’s, I would imagine, not inconsiderable fees ??


    • “1) Did the SWP have a reporter in Rotherham on the day of the riot ? Who knows.”
      But here they are reporting on what is being said in the Court Case.

      ” 2) Who is paying Michael Mansfield’s […] fees.
      You clearly haven’t been following the story, much of which is well documented on Rothpol.
      He may well be working pro-bono.


      • It’s been reported that Mansfield is only representing two of the accused: Asif Zaman and Arshad Khan. Zaman is also charged with possessing an offensive weapon.
        It’s unlikely, but not impossible that he is only doing it pro-bono for just two of the ten accused and as we all know is fees are not cheap.


  3. I’m surprised this biased tripe has been re printed here. Perhaps after his suspension for labelling all Tories Nazis this is the work of the newly idle BBC Look North reporter Danny Carpenter. There must be a evolving door between the Socialist ‘Worker’ and the so called BBC.


    • Most reporting carries a bias.
      Do you think that what you read in the Sun, Daily Express, Daily Mail is unbiased? Really?

      Tripe is at least edible and unlikely to make you vomit, I can’t say that about the stuff you find in the Daily Express.

      I don’t know where you get the seriously odd idea that it was written by someone called Danny Carpenter.
      The report has the by-line of a Phil Turner – presumably this man:

      Ask yourself why the Sun, Daily Express, Daily Mail are not reporting this story.

      Personally, I object to the use of “Nazi” – I would prefer “Far-right”, but other than that the reports of what is happening in the trial in Socialist Worker at least give us some idea of how the case is progressing.



      • I did not suggest this tripe was written by The ‘Look North’ presenter. All reporting carries a bias. Not foregrounding the bias helps to legitimise it. The Mail et al are populist and politically correct, they characterise their stories with the language and code to indicate this by,for example, the calculated use of inverted commas with words such as ‘patriotic’.
        Perhaps the msm is not carrying this story exactly because it reflects badly on the ‘antiracist’ narrative they subscribe to. Reporting this story would reinforce the latent view in the minds of their readers that these people really do not care about due process, merely favourable outcome.

        Far right is a lefty trope for Nazi/ fascist … and is intended as an insult rather than a political indicator. It would be fair to use, if the same reporters called the Lib Dems and Labour demonstrators commies and Trots – don’t hold your breath.


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