The Labour Party Prefer A Tory


On the 12th of July this year I received my Labour Party membership card with a welcoming letter from the general secretary. I didn’t expect this given some of the local members. However I was not to be disappointed, because on the 1st of August I received an email from Alan Goy the secretary of the Rothervalley C.L.P. Notice that they are referring to rule 8 to keep me out; which is spurious to say the least. I then was sent a letter from Jane Shaw, the governance and legal officer, on the 4th of October; the rule had now changed to appendix 2. 1. B. X.; where the general secretary can refuse your membership for the very democratic reason of “any reason they see fit”. It also listed the elections I had taken part in which was the reason they were putting forward for refusing my membership.

I replied to this pointing out that in one of the elections a Tory stood in Anston against a Labour party candidate, who soon after joined the Labour party and was welcomed with open arms. I stood as an independent never having been a member of a political party. The answer to this I received was we have given you your money back. I did not do this in order to buy a vote I did this in order to prove that the Local Labour Party members are frightened to death to have some one join who would question their nice comfortable get together.

Dave Smith


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6 Responses to The Labour Party Prefer A Tory

  1. Ivor member says:

    Write a letter to the compliance unit by recorded delivery and state under data protection and any other laws you wish to be supplied with copies of all information held on you.

  2. poetmorgan says:

    Labour are not party of change, in most of their areas they resist change, they seek to conserve. So why the surprise?

  3. Paddy Cawkwell says:

    Stay out of Labour, they’re a rotten bunch.

  4. Dave Smith says:

    Poetmorgan that’s the point I wasn’t surprised, after all Sir Nutkins is my MP.
    Dave Smith

  5. Colin Tawn says:

    Darren the (Tory) Defector was accepted as a member of the Labour party when the party was controlled by Blairites/Brownites and Shi;ites.
    Corbyn’s Labour party has more rigorous membership selection policies: If you anti semitic, a member of the SWP, a former member of Liberty who produced a report that denies any of the previous statements or you can ‘prove’ you are a committed socialist you’re welcomed with open arms.
    Lesson Number 1.
    Commitment to the Supreme Jezza, the Party and its principles coupled with lots of protests is more important than being in government.
    Lesson Number 2.
    Failure to agree and abide by Lesson Number 1 means Diane Flabbot will pay you a visit and sit on you.

    Save your money Comrade Smith and donate to another proper worthy cause.

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