UKIP releases report into Woolfe-Hookem incident

UKIP releases report into Woolfe-Hookem incident

The UK Independence Party has published its report into a clash between two MEPs inside the European Parliament.

Steven Woolfe was taken to hospital earlier this month after he collapsed following an argument with Mike Hookem.

Mr Woolfe said he had received a blow from Mr Hookem after they left a meeting to talk “man to man”, but Mr Hookem has denied this.

In a report, UKIP said the incident had brought “great shame” on both men.

The report also says there were no eye-witnesses to the incident.

It added: “The behaviour of both Mr Woolfe and Mr Hookem falls far below what we would expect from any member of our party, particular those who hold such high office.”

Mr Woolfe has since left the party. UKIP says Mr Hookem has been given a “formal reprimand”.

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Investigation into MEP altercation

Paul Oakden, UKIP Chairman commented on the release of the internal enquiry, which can be downloaded here.

“The decision of Mr Hookem to join Mr Woolfe in the ante room is the only action which I have the ability to consider for disciplinary action. In the absence of eye witnesses, the true facts of what took place in the ante room itself are impossible to determine and neither man has made an official complaint to the party over the incident.

“Had Mr Woolfe not collapsed later that day, we may never have known that the altercation took place at all.

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2 Responses to UKIP releases report into Woolfe-Hookem incident

  1. S Thornton says:

    “neither man has made a complaint”, very interesting, so now we have a situation where no one has made a complaint, but we will have an inquiry any way!!!. Interesting also, if there is no complaint, then why is the ever so, non biased Mr shultz holding an investigation, and why has he reported a “non complaint” to the Belgium Police!!!. I think this sums up “Billy Smarts Circus”, (better known as the EU) all round.

  2. S Thornton says:

    Whoops should have said “French Police”, I forgot which gravy train the EU stopped in that week.

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