Plans for massive Rother Valley theme park unveiled

Plans to build a massive new family-friendly theme park near Rother Valley have been officially submitted.

Gulliver’s want to build the 250 acre park on the former Pithouse West colliery site adjoining Rother Valley Country Park.

A decision on the planning application is due early next year, with hopes that construction could start later in 2017, with the first phase due to be completed by 2020.

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Third time lucky as plans unveiled for vast theme park on site of old Rotherham pit

PLANS have been submitted for a vast new theme park on the site of a former colliery in South Yorkshire.

The firm bought the land from Rotherham Council a year ago, and yesterday’s announcement is the first indication of progress on a project that has been beset with delays and false dawns.

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Plans in for 250-acre theme park

PLANS for a theme park at Rother Valley have moved forward with Gulliver’s submitting a planning application.

The family firm is asking Rotherham Borough Council for permission to build on 250 acres of the former Pithouse West site.

The plans for Gulliver’s Valley include a main theme park hub, with rides and attractions aimed at children aged two to 13.

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Gulliver’s submit plans for £37m Rother Valley resort

Detailed planning applications for the £37m Gulliver’s Family Theme Park resort adjacent to Rother Valley Country Park have been submitted to Rotherham Council.

Gulliver’s, the operators of theme parks in Warrington, Matlock Bath and Milton Keynes developed an initial masterplan for the first of their sites in the UK to encompass all their major family entertainment elements in one location with new attractions exclusive to Rotherham.

The proposals, which will create around 400 jobs, will see Gulliver’s buy approximately 250 acres from Rotherham Council. Two applications have been submitted, one for the change of use of the greenbelt site to a leisure resort and a second that details the phases of the resort and the attractions.

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5 Responses to Plans for massive Rother Valley theme park unveiled

  1. trambuster says:

    Not heard that one before

    Oh, that’ll be on the greenbelt as I recall

    • Colin Tawn says:

      ‘Oh, that’ll be on the greenbelt as I recall’

      You did not read this sentence?
      It follows previous failed attempts to develop the greenbelt site.

      In 2011, leisure organisation China Vision were confirmed as preferred developers for the site to create a Chinese-themed attraction but last year a new partner was sought by the council following a lack of progress with that plan.

      If RMBC do their jobs properly CIL will be implemented.
      The following development types will be liable in principle to pay the CIL:
      Development comprising 100m² or more of new build floorspace
      Generally, any water tight structure (into which people normally go), with walls and a
      roof is considered to be “internal” floorspace and therefore chargeable. All new build
      floorspace, measured as gross internal floorspace (i.e. the internal area of the building,
      including circulation and service space such as corridors, storage, toilets, lifts etc)

      Which is more beneficial; An open piece of land growing wild and untidy or a long term development that brings jobs and money to the immediate area?
      Your choice.

      • reg reader says:

        My understanding is that it is a reclaimed industrial site, as are Orgreave lakes, Forgemasters Tip, etc .
        It is currently known as Pit-house West – and popular with our local birder community.

        The Sheffield Bird Study Group website tells me that today: “Pit-house West: Redwing – 10+ – Several small flocks flying over. ; Green Woodpecker – 1 ; ”
        Back in 2011, one of our local birders wrote this about the site and the potential development, it is well worth the read:


        • Colin Tawn says:

          Good find rr.
          I cannot see any reasons why wildlife will not restablish on the site. Birds have been known to nest during construction work.
          It is all very well for nature conservationists to want to preserve a natural habitat and they may be sincere in their beliefs but regeneration of land and improving a local areas finances should IMV take priority.
          20 years ago PHW did not have any wildlife worth talking about so it is not in this instance that a long established nature reserve is being built on.

  2. To quote someone who was on temporary work placement
    “Rotherham’s ok but there’s just nothing to do here for families, not even a theatre (Civics roof had collapsed)”

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