Time for some reminders

More material from our anonymous source, this time giving us a reminder of Kevin’s public statements, some work of Andrew Norfolk and a few questions for Gordon Watson:




7 thoughts on “Time for some reminders

  1. Brilliant, simply presented piece. Well done you, shame on whoever elevated Gordon Watson. My guess is his selection as Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member Children and Young People reflects the power of the many in Labour Group who still believe this is just Rotherham’s bad luck. Blaming everyone but themselves…seems he not only hadn’t read Casey, but not even Jay that came out many months before.

    Is it Chris Read trying to balance and satisfy the factions in the Labour Group?

    He doesn’t seem to feel pressured to give Rotherham folk confidence in the quality of child care.


    • Not to worry, if and when there are fresh cases of CSEand there will be, he’ll end up like his predecessor’s Shaun Wright and the former, although shortlived council leader who resigned after the Casey report. He’ll have no where to hide.


  2. I was under the impression that Cavan Vines was prosecuted by our three MP`s because he made a statement that they knew about CSE. The three MP`s have denied they were aware of any CSE in court, under oath. The evidence now seems to be the opposite in Sir Kev`s case. I do hope Cavan is reading this post.


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