MP launches anti-abuse strategy

The shadow women’s minister and Rotherham MP Sarah Champion will call on the Government to step up and “save lives” today, as she unveils her new national strategy to tackle child sexual abuse.

The Labour MP has been a fierce campaigner for improved protections and education among young people in recent years, following damning revelations about child exploitation in her own constituency.

And following on from the launch of her Dare2Care campaign in January, she has put together a list of “simple” recommendations she believes could tackle abuse at the source.

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Champion’s anti-abuse strategy is praised by victims and survivors

Victims and survivors of child sexual abuse have praised the work of Rotherham MP Sarah Champion following the publication her new anti-abuse action plan.

Speaking at a launch event in Parliament yesterday, they claimed her recommendations could be the key to preventing a repeat of the tragedies they suffered.

One parent, Lorin LaFave, whose son fell victim to online predators in Surrey, said the measures outlined by the report could have saved him.

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Sarah Champion launches National Action Plan to prevent child abuse and violence in teenage relationships

To download the National Action Plan, click HERE .

To download the related press release, click HERE .

2 thoughts on “MP launches anti-abuse strategy

  1. She could even let community’s know if peados were operating in that area ….oh no I forgot our council goes to court to stop us finding the peados identity


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