Open letter re HS2 to the Deputy Leader of Sheffield City Council

The Deputy Leader of Sheffield City Council was spouting on the radio last week ( – around 38:45 mins in) about HS2 and its impact upon Rotherham and Doncaster areas, but given how SCC will not cough up info as requested, I’ve sent the open email to him, as below.

Dear Cllr Bramall

Having listened to your interview with Radio Sheffield, 28 October, about the HS2 proposals, I have two simple questions for you:

1) given your annoyance with government secrecy and presumably a preference for openness, why is it that your council will not provide me with all of the information I requested in a Freedom of Information request, as below?

i.e. “under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, I should be obliged to receive electronic copies of all correspondence between Sheffield City Council and the HS2 outfit, and/or any of the intermediaries employed by Sheffield City Council or HS2, between the inclusive dates of 01 July 2015 and 31 July 2016.”

2) given your protestations about the M18 route, why has it taken you 3 months to state your council’s position on the matter?

Yours sincerely

Robert Foulds

3 thoughts on “Open letter re HS2 to the Deputy Leader of Sheffield City Council

  1. Theresa May said in parliament something on the lines, correct me if I’m wrong, that she wasn’t going to spell out every move she and her government was going to make. One of the statements I remember most of all that John Major said was ,put up and shut up, Theresa May is saying, we’re going to make some underhanded decisions here, hopefully they aren’t going to be allowed to get away with not letting the people decide on the HR2 if ever the true facts and figures are put to the people, I was hoping we were living in a different era now where something as big as the HR2 was decided on in the open and everything made clear, cost and the effect on the environment properly estimated, but they are even starting to make it. If the train is going through villages and town at high speeds and going to make noise and sonic booms it is breaking the law, the same as if a car went speeding through populated areas.


  2. ‘noise and sonic booms’
    It is a high speed train, not Concorde.
    There is a world of difference between negotiating Britain’s exit from the EU and building HS2.
    ‘Underhand decisions’? Do you understand the difference between confidential and underhand?

    Back on topic………
    It should be obvious that SCC have taken the role of of leaders now the Sheffield City Region is open for business and like most decisions made by Labour controlled councils SCC is going to do what it wants to do and then tell us about afterwards. As an example; The HS2 station at Meadowhell was cancelled in favour of Sheffield Midland Station. No consultations just a done deal because Sheffield City Council Are The Big Boys and us plebs will jolly well do as we’re told.
    Disruptions,noise and more pollution at Bramley? Pfftt! to the protestors,the proposed M18 link is A Done Deal helped along with the U turn by Chris Read.


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