Why ministers ‘won’t protect children’ from rogue taxi drivers in Rotherham

MINISTERS are reluctant to close a loophole which could leave children open to abuse by rogue taxi drivers in Rotherham, the chairman of an influential Commons committee has claimed.

The Communities and Local Government Committee raised concerns about driver licensing in a report earlier this year following the Rotherham abuse scandal.

Committee chairman Clive Betts has now said safeguards imposed in the town could be undermined by taxis licensed in other areas operating inside the town boundaries.

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/crime/why-ministers-won-t-protect-children-from-rogue-taxi-drivers-in-rotherham-1-8215039

4 thoughts on “Why ministers ‘won’t protect children’ from rogue taxi drivers in Rotherham

  1. Ministers must not be allowed to believe that the problem of taxi drivers “trafficking children for CSE” is all down to a tiny minority of drivers in Rotherham. It is a national problem and must be tackled on a nationwide scale, preferably identical to the rules put in place by the Commissioner and Licensing Board at RMBC. To introduce legislation such as that at RMBC will end the practice of obtaining a taxi badge from a distant Local Authority immediately. Surely a level playing field is all that is required ?


  2. Why they won’t act, maybe it’s something to do with Uber and how many of the same changed the rule book to facilitate their business model.


    • Given the earlier this week court ruling against the Uber model/gig economy I just don’t believe it is “something to do with Uber”.
      The current government just doesn’t seem interested in doing anything about anything as far as I can see.


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