Child sex abuse trial: Judge outlines horrific impact on victims’ lives

VIDEO: Child sex abuse trial: Survivor’s thanks for support after gang jailed

GROOMERS thrive in their victim’s silence — but if you speak out someone will listen.

That was the message from a child sex abuse survivor who today has seen her abusers jailed for 96 years.

The woman, now 27, hugged and wept her parents in court as the eight men were sentenced after being convicted of 19 sexual offences committed against her in 2003 when she was 13 to 14.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, and her family have fought for 13 years to get justice after police did not proceed with her sexual abuse complaints against Sageer Hussain, Masoued Malik and Naeem Rafiq in 2003.

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Child sex abuse trial: Judge outlines horrific impact on victims’ lives

JUDGE Sarah Wright outlined the horrific impact a grooming and sex abuse gang of eight Rotherham men had left on their vulnerable teenage victims as she jailed the abusers for a total of 96 years.

Addressing the men at Sheffield Crown Court, she said: “The childhood and adolescence of each of the victims can never be reclaimed.

“Each has suffered severe psychological harm.

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Rotherham child sex ring detective ‘pleased’ with prison sentences

A top South Yorkshire detective has spoken of how pleased he is with the prison sentences handed out to members of a child sex ring in Rotherham.

Detective Chief Inspector Martin Tate, Senior Investigating Officer, said: “Significant sentences have been handed to these individuals for their significant and horrific crimes.

“The rape and sexual abuse of children is completely abhorrent and this group have shown no remorse for their crimes, forcing the young women who came forward to report this awful abuse to relive traumatic experiences before the court.

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Second Rotherham Trial at Sheffield Crown Court:

23 thoughts on “Child sex abuse trial: Judge outlines horrific impact on victims’ lives

  1. A neutral report on BBC Look North report following the sentencing. No racial and hate crime hyperbole or pained emotive condemnation. How they hate reporting this.


  2. This country has lost its confidence, it’s guts and its basic morality. The BBC , police , politicians and judiciary are nothing but self serving slaves to PC. It’s easy to understand Trump’s success……bring it on here and put the immigrant undesirables in their place.


  3. ‘put the immigrant undesirables in their place’
    Define ‘undesirable’, tell us who will judge the ‘undesirable’, what are the parameters and where is ‘their place’?


    • “Their place” certainly isn’t prison at our expense. ….there’s a much cheaper option which is also a real deterrent.
      “Undesirable ” is easily defined as those who abuse our hospitality……………….I could go on but you are obviously a typical head in the sand softie.


  4. ‘a typical head in the sand softie’ Really?
    People who know me tell a very different story………I suppose it’s a change from being labelled a fascist,a BNP supporter and xenophobic racist?

    In your first post you did not have the sense to expand your comments. All you did was post generalities. I’ll give you a tip: When posting on forums do not assume everyone knows or understands what you write, telegram style sentences are meaningless.
    If you meant to say convicted immigrants-not British citizens-of any colour or creed who commit crimes should be deported I’d agree with you but you did’nt say that.
    Tip #2. Do not presume to judge a person’s character from forum postings.You will and have made a big mistake.


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  6. So what do we do with the legions of white male child sex offenders? Matthew Wood got 14 years the other week for his evil filth perpetrated to our Rotherham children. Offenders are not confined to any race. These monsters in the case above are scum and deserve to face the full weight of the law but don’t be naive enough to think it’s only them. And, well done SYP and RMBC. Credit where credit is due. (Tin Hat on waiting for the ‘yes but they should be sanctioned to lifelong condemnation irrespective of wholesale changes in officers and members’ brigade.)


    • There are always indidviduals in every race who are sick, which is what Matthew Wood clearly was, however the industrial rape committed by the Pakistani’s againist little white girls was malicious, organised and racists, in that it selected a certain group of victims, based on their ethnicity. There has been no evidence offered suggesting that these Muslim rapeists were in any way phyiscollgical damage, it was clearly done out of hate for white people, even worse it was covered up by white people themselves, has they had little or no regard for these little girls. They saw them as white trash.

      As for praising SYP and RMBC, really, how many children and families could’ve saved from this pain, if they ad done here job in the first place. It’s all of us who is paying for there collective failure.


      • Loudmoth,

        It was/is not just against “little white girls” .
        From the “Home Office Researcher’s report”

        Click to access Chapter%20Four%20of%20final%20report%20Key%20Achievements%20of%20the%20Home%20Office%20Pilot%20(4).pdf

        “Of the 268 young women accessing the project, 244 were white, 2 were black and 22 were British-Asian. The numbers of British Asian women increased steadily during the life of the Pilot. This caused surprise at first as there had been an assumption that the coercers would not target their own ‘community’ and ‘culture’. The British Asian young women were extremely reticent to discuss their exploitation and at the end of the Pilot it remained unclear how they were becoming involved in prostitution. The most common explanation offered by the young women themselves seemed to be that they were being targeted, enticed into a sexual relationship and then abandoned. The consequences of this were that often they were then isolated from their families, and consequently left extremely vulnerable to approaches from men who would attempt to coerce them into prostitution. Drugs also seemed to play a part.”

        Based on those numbers one could even say the young women of the British-Asian community appeared somewhat over-represented among the abused.



        • @RR Splitting hairs again, did they target the other races with offers of romantic relationship or was it their sick perversion that women, especially from other races are beneath them. They are a sick race with no morals, packs of animals have better behaviour than them and their surpposed to be unintelligent!!


        • They this, they that. Loudmouth you are a racist. Yes I said it. Nothing to do with political correctness, just a fact!


        • “Of the 268 young women accessing the project, 244 were white, 2 were black and 22 were British-Asian. The numbers of British Asian women increased steadily during the life of the Pilot. This caused surprise at first as there had been an assumption that the coercers would not target their own ‘community’ and ‘culture’.

          The link doesn’t work, but in any event it makes no sense to have one single “British Asian” category here

          Muslim gangs have often targeted young Sikh and Hindu girls(hardly the groomers own community, culture and religion)

          The earliest evidence of “localised grooming” we have is from the West Midlands,

          “in 1988…in W’hampton, there were violent confrontations between Sikhs and Muslims. Sikh men formed into gangs to protect young Sikh girls from being groomed by gangs of Muslim men”.

          Easy Meat – 3.1 and 3.2

          There’s a list of violent confrontations during that year.

          As one would expect from WMP/CPS no action was taken against the groomers, but “vigilante” action was stamped on firmly

          Apparently the Independent in June 1989 reported

          “Sikhs used as sex slaves”

          “Gangs of Muslim men toured daytime discos kidnapped Sikh girls to use as sex slaves, a court was told yesterday.

          The jury at the trial of 13 Sikh men at B’ham Crown Court heard claims that one gang forced girls into prostitution and blackmailed their parents…..”

          All sounds rather familiar. Anyway of course we can be proud of British justice which did a 3 wise monkeys routine on the grooming and gave some of the Sikhs custodial sentences for trying to protect their own. But it seems that this was the start of it.


  7. @RR & J Smith, deluded white people, with false sense of moral superiority. It was this thinking and denial which got Rotherham into this mess in the first place. I care not what you think of my views, my only concern is for the little White girls and their families who have suffered and the damage perpertrated on this town. So from now denieing it was happening, then using the raceist excuse that anyone not of the particular offended group, the Pakistanis, rightly commenting on their disgraceful behaviour, would be label a racists. I am from an ethnic group and I am ashamed, of how stupid white people are.

    Do you think for one minute if white people were targeting Pakistanis girls and abusing them, what would the reaction be? And yet you lame dicks accept it against your own. No wonder they thought they could get away with it, with worthless arseholes like you’s.


    • White people do abuse girls from all communities. The difference is that most of us don’t go around stereotyping saying they (as in the whole white race) are this or that as you are comfortably doing in relation to Pakistanis. To label negatively a whole race on the actions of the minority is racist. Anyone with half a brain cell can see that.


      • How many brains cells do you need to have the intelligence to be able to distinguish the individual from the collective?

        The Oxford Serious Case Review noted

        “The association, not of all CSE but group-based CSE, with mainly Pakistan heritage is undeniable, and prevention will need both national understanding, communication and debate, and also work with faith groups at a local level.”

        So a near monopoly – entirely justified by the pattern of trials and convictions

        This is an evil collective epidemic – victims will often be passed round brothers, uncles, cousins, work colleagues and then pimped out more widely – on a very large scale(generally white abusers operate on an individual basis).

        Other nasty features may be present in part or whole; use of younger relatives to “befriend” victims and lure them in to the web, use of drugs and alcohol to befuddle and disorientate victims, racial and religious targeting, racial abuse, sexual torture, extreme violence and threats of violence to victims and their families, police and political corruption.

        It has assumed industrial scale proportions. It can only be the product of a sick collective culture – all the more so given the silence of the community from which it springs

        We are now up to 55 group/gang trials where offenders were convicted, afflicting something like 30 towns and cities.

        I gather that there is a really big Operation Sanctuary trial going on at the moment.

        It is intolerable.

        And Loudmouth is quite right about the liberal left’s one eyed approach to racial crime.

        “All white girls are good for is sex. They’re just slags”

        Note in this case the support given from members of the community

        “Mr Knox said that since coming forward, the victims had been subjected to “horrifying” abuse by friends and family of the defendants.

        He added: “They have been subjected to name calling; suggestions such as ‘white trash’.”

        How often do you see that from anybody else?

        If it was the other way round liberal-lefties would be going mental, but they say nothing – they operate their own sick omerta, they have ignored, deflected, denied and diverted attention away from this horror for 20 years. Nye Bevan once called Tories “lower than vermin”; liberal-lefties are lower still.

        They have huge collective responsibility for this – and most especially the bastard Labour Party


        “I care not what you think of my views, my only concern is for the little White girls and their families who have suffered”

        Thank you, I very much appreciate that.


        • Parsonage why don’t you poppin Jays

          I cannot see that the colour of a penis makes a jot of difference to the damage done to a young girl by sexual exploitation:

          It’s not ‘heinous’ when carried out by Pakistani perpetrators on girls in the care of the council and ‘cute’ when you pick up your Daily Mail and read of the great grandmother of 35 and 4 generations of the family now that 13 year old Sharon has given birth.

          5,991 girls under the age of 16 became pregnant in 2011 – that is just the figure for those who didn’ttake the morning after pill, and didn’t use contraception…

          Since those days, our inner racist has undergone a certain amount of bloodletting with the Referendum

          PopinJays. | Anna Raccoon

          The Majority of child sex abusers are white, fact!
          And they predominantly abuse white children, fact!
          Even in Rotherham, fact!

          The Pakistani heritage, don’t abuse people from within their own community give me a break, Parsonage, do you actually live in the real world.


  8. Well done Hotspot, I cite the Oxford Serious Case Review and you come back with a moron blogging as Anna Raccoon

    “I am still not clear in my mind whether that was 1400 reported incidents of sexual abuse, or 1400 individual victims as the media are fond of reporting.”…..she says

    Very keen “mind” she’s got

    1400-2000 victims

    Crassly she continues

    “There is absolutely no point in having headline making reports, nor headline making court cases, if you are not going to address the fact that those 1400 girls who were sexually abused were all in care, and did, however misguidedly, legally wrong, or groomed, end up abused because they willingly submitted to that abuse initially……”

    Despicable, hard to believe she has read the Jay Report as she claims, though her comprehension skills are obviously minimal in the extreme

    “Localised grooming” victims aren’t all in care – a West Midlands Police report quoted an in care figure of 38%

    She has no conception of the dreadful reality – though obviously her ignorance is wilful

    “In 2001 a young girl who had been repeatedly raped escaped from her abuser’s clutches.
    In order to send a message to her, the perpetrators smashed all the windows at her parents’ home before attacking her brother and breaking his legs.
    At that point the teenager agreed to make a complaint to the police. However when she arrived at the police station she received a text message from her abuser telling her that he had her 11-year-old sister with him and adding: “your choice.”

    I recall from Jayne Senior’s book how one groomer gave “presents”(cigarettes and alcohol) to a target of £200 value, he demanded the money back and then threatened to tell her mother if she didn’t have sex with him. Then he says well that was £5 knocked off the debt but you still owe me £195, so he pimps her out to his filthy relatives.

    Is all this what Anna Skunk means by willingly submitting to abuse? She’s the worst kind of denier and apologist..

    “The Pakistani heritage, don’t abuse people from within their own community……”

    I’m very well aware of what this filth do

    “A teenage girl was groomed and raped by up to 30 Asian men – including a father and his schoolboy son – during an horrific sex attack lasting six hours, an inquiry heard”

    Again the depressing calumny “Asian”

    But that isn’t some relativist get out of jail free card for the racial abuse directed at white British girls, their systematic targeting and the racial and religious motivation underlying it

    “The view of some Islamic preachers towards white women can be appalling. They encourage their followers to believe that these women are habitually promiscuous, decadent, and sleazy — sins which are made all the worse by the fact that they are kaffurs or non-believers.

    “Their dress code, from miniskirts to sleeveless tops, is deemed to reflect their impure and immoral outlook. According to this mentality, these white women deserve to be punished for their behaviour by being exploited and degraded.”

    And this is the consequence which Raccoon so lightly brushes aside

    “Young girls were groomed, raped, abused and sold for sex by the gang of Oxford men, who have now been convicted of a catalogue of sex offences.
    Det Insp Simon Morton, of Thames Valley Police, said: “They start out at 11 or 12 as ordinary girls, in our case, and by the time they’re finished they’re hollow.
    “They are shells of what they should be and the little girl in there is gone.
    “It’s sexual atrocities, it’s torture.
    “You can’t report it, you can’t put it on TV, you can’t write it down. We have had members of the press in tears in court.
    “It’s been horrendous.”

    I would like to live in the world we had before being “enriched” as above, and I wonder what sort of world you inhabit yourself.


  9. Oh dear o dear, Parsonage take your rose tinted glasses off, it were the tip of the iceberg then as it is now, and what excuses are you going to make for the following.

    This is something that CSA inquiry into failings in UK institutions will look into too.

    The Good old child sexual abuse was fantastic, Parsonage you appear to be a sick sick old man, let’s see what the proverbials have learnt from us.

    Barnados, set up when I dare to ask, oh yes when the streets were clear of the proverbial vermin, so let’s have an awful nostalgic look into the past.

    In the 1990s, society became  aware, through a number of  high profile criminal  investigations  and  public enquiries, that a  significant  number  of children in  residential  care homes in the  UK during  the last  century were victims of  physical  and sexual  abuse,  neglect and  discrimination. Some  of those  children were  among the 350,000 cared  for in Barnardo’s homes between  the 1870s  and  1980s. Barnardo’s deeply  regrets  the maltreatment which  some children suffered. 

    Click to access barnardo_s_history.pdf

    •In excess of 500 people were dealt with by the courts per year during the 1920s, rising incrementally to over 5000 by the 1960s.

    •Throughout, however, this represented merely the tip of an iceberg. It is likely that the ten-fold increase was a result of changes in police and criminal justice procedure (enabling more cases to be reported and recorded) rather than an increase in prevalence.

    •Whilst the number of cases reported to the police increased incrementally across the period, evidence suggests there was a significant decline in the proportion that resulted in guilty verdicts.

    The 1925 Committee had also heard evidence from children’s charities and social workers which made it very clear that there were ‘very many more cases of sexual offences against young persons’ than those reported to the police. Even when reported, proceedings were taken in only ‘a small proportion of cases’.  

    But please read the conclusion! 

    Child sexual abuse in England and Wales: prosecution and prevalence 1918-1970 | History and Policy

    Mainly female, predominantly white on white, I don’t know who is more sick, you seem to give the proverbials a reason, religion race colour but why and before I finish one last look at nostalgia;

    14 This lobbying was continued into the 1920s by women’s campaign groups (including the National Council of Women and crossparty deputations to the Home Secretary involving all new female MPs), culminating in the setting up of the Departmental Committee in 1924. Offences against (mainly female) children  were kept  on the agenda in the  interwar period  because  they were  a focal  point for women’s politics and the development of the branch of social work (again associated with women and girls) that was labelled ‘moral welfare’. Yet this influence began to slip. During the Second World War, concerns about sexual offences against girls were replaced with a moral panic about sexually promiscuous young women (‘the good time girl’) amidst anxiety about resilience in wartime.

    Click to access 5-25-2016_Historical.pdf

    At least these presently abused children will get some justice.


    • Child abuse has sadly always been with us, in the home and in institutions. There is no suggestion that it has been worse here than any other country on earth. As I have repeatedly said this is generally a matter of individual abusers

      What is a new departure however is this “localised grooming” – a term invented to cover the vile activities of Muslim(mainly Kashmiri) groups and gangs operating in the foul manner I have described on this thread, and elsewhere. It is on the streets, it is everywhere, according to Andrew Norfolk, where a sizeable Pakistani has settled. It is child sexual exploitation – the return from pimping out victims is very great

      This is the result of importing retarded inbreds who have brought with them a totally alien and self-evidently toxic culture. This is what is sick, not pointing out the truth, however awkward and inconvenient that might be.


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