Controversy over Yorkshire police tsar’s £31,500 appointment

EMBATTLED South Yorkshire police and crime commissioner Alan Billings has prompted controversy by appointing the wife of his former election agent as his official part-time assistant, on a £31,500 salary.

Sioned-Mair Richards, a former Labour Sheffield councillor, is married to Howard Knight, who worked as Dr Billings’ election agent during his successful campaign to be re-elected commissioner (PCC) in May.

Sheffield Lib Dem councillor Joe Otten said the appointment “stinks” but Dr Billings insisted the process had been open and transparent and said Ms Richards was the best person for the job.

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7 thoughts on “Controversy over Yorkshire police tsar’s £31,500 appointment

  1. She was also the Chair of the Police and Crime Panel before the election, when she cancelled a Police and Crime Panel meeting. This had the effect of preventing opposition Cllrs from scrutinising Billings’ response to the Drew report.

    When and where was this post advertised, how many applicants applied, were there interviews and if there were, who made up the interview panel?

    My personal opinion is. this is a made up post, for one of his mates in the Labour Party, appearing to be typical Labour, jobs for the boys and girls.


  2. This is the man who refuses to look at the documentation that proves my father was murdered. That my father was given terminal drugs by a doctor he had never met, for a cancer even the Pathology Report proved dad did NOT have, a report we had to wait over 10 months for.
    If end of life drugs are forced into a patient for a cancer condition they do not have, that is murder isn’t it? see
    Dr. Billings is part of the Sheffield Diocese, who allowed a Vicar in Fenwich, Doncaster to let my father be buried at 0730 hours before daybreak Mid October 2005, after I had been informed the night before, the funeral would take place at 1030 hours. This made sure that none of dad’s children or grandchildren could attend. See Yorkshire Post for Wednesday 12th October 2005, front and 2nd and 3rd pages reported on the queer funeral arrangements.


  3. Rather than having the evidence presented, the readers are invited to see for themselves.
    “Performance, Development and Research Consultant,specialising in local government in the UK and emerging democracies”
    Google, without the quotation marks,:
    “Councillor Howard Knight+Labour Party”
    Here are some quotes, no laughing please:
    “Labour’s rules for councillors require they “operate at all times in a comradely fashion”. Time to extend them to MPs.”
    Howard Knight Ex-head, Labour local government unit
    “most councillors should neither lose nor gain significantly from being elected”
    ” requirements originally set out in Project 99 to identify, develop and nurture possible candidates.”
    ( Project 99: ‘ to ensure that potential candidates measure up against a high ethical and probity standard’ – I said no laughing ! )
    1995: Howard Knight, a member of the Rapid Response and Rebuttal Unit, ( “bad-news-labours-abolished-it” )
    LABOUR has set up a “Rapid Response and Rebuttal Unit” to stop bad publicity damaging the party during the local election campaign.
    “In a move which provoked Conservative claims that Labour was following a cynical news management strategy, the unit has vowed to “anticipate [and] neutralise” bad news and “wherever possible turn a negative attack into a positive storyline”. ( 20 years on, nothing changed then ! – and will his ‘expertise’ be shared with his partner in the Police Commissioner’s Office and with Sheffield and Rotherham councillors? )
    The Star wrote of Howard Knight:
    “He has a long track record of promoting high ethical standards and being intolerant of those who fail to abide by them, is insistent upon the declaration of interests and takes great care to avoid any potential conflict of interests.” ( Burngreave ? PCC ? )
    Any involvement of Howard Knight with the World Student Games ? ( clue: the answer is not ‘no’ )
    Lastly for now:
    Comment on: New shadow communities secretary appointed ( – an indication of loyalty? )
    Howard Knight’s comment 28 June, 2016 7:17 pm
    “I rather suspect that his term of office will be one of the shortest ever recorded.”


  4. Only the same as Shaun Wright. Why expect anything else from the pignosed troughers. Tracey Cheetham Senior councillor was appointed assistant commissioner whilst also being Dan Jarvis’ constitiuency manager. Reported on this ver site a number of years back.

    She then very publicly quit when the cash wasn’t worth the hassle that was coming shauns way – about 18 months after.

    Yes things have changed mr billings. Jobs for the boys and girls that wear red rosettes.


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