Crime Commissioner says Police are ‘getting to grips’ with grooming after Rotherham verdict

Dr Alan Billings has praised South Yorkshire Police after eight men from Rotherham were jailed for child sex offences yesterday.

The Commissioner believes the verdict, relating to crimes against young teenage girls in Rotherham, will encourage more victims to come forward and testify.

Dr Billings said: “This is a very good result for South Yorkshire Police and a clear sign that they are getting to grips with the scandal of grooming.

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Second Rotherham Trial at Sheffield Crown Court:

7 thoughts on “Crime Commissioner says Police are ‘getting to grips’ with grooming after Rotherham verdict

  1. There will never be any ‘getting to grips’ with the issue unless and until all those negligent council officers and councillors are also held to account – they must be held equally guilty by virtue of doing nothing, which facilitated the abuses continuing.
    True ‘getting to grips’ will mean, at the very least, EVERY council officer and councillor owning up to their errors of judgement, for turning their corporate, collective blind eye, and ALL publicly apologising to all those victims who were abused because they did nothing when they should have acted at the time.
    So this then is their test – no more weasel words – let’s see whether these people are human, and ‘out’ themselves.


  2. Jay reported that there were some 1400, Risky Business claimed there could’ve been nearer 2000 children were abused. Exactly what efforts has this Crime Comissioner, Rotherham Council, Children services, Police or any other organisation done to locate these children, now young or Middleaged women. If your going to eradicate this stain on Rotherham, then you need to find every child who was harmed.

    Once these women start telling their stories, more of these abusers will be found and hopefully punished. Then and only then, will these victims truly be able to helped and more potential victims spared this pain.


  3. I would imagine that , after the sentences given in the first trial, there will have been a surge of men fleeing to Pakistan followed by more after Friday’s sentences !
    Following on from Pleasant’s comment, who, if anyone, is investigating Cllrs and officers who were grossly negligent and should be sacked or prosecuted ? The fool Billings thinks “the police are getting to grips with grooming” Does he really ? The NCA are doing a great job of catching “historical” groomers and rapists but why aren’t the ordinary cops in SYP not chasing those who are still blatantly continuing as though they still “own the town” and nothing has happened ? Answer me that Mr Devil Dodger.


    • NCA are responsible for the vast majority of the cases identified for Professor Jay. As for current prosecutions. Don’t you read the (local) news?


    • If, as is claimed, there has indeed ‘been a surge of men fleeing to Pakistan’ then hopefully if arrest warrants are now issued those who know themselves to be guilty will never feel able to return.


      • Where is the list of people in the surge fleeing to Pakistan? Publish it ! Let members of the public voluntarily disclose the names of those who have fled.


  4. I agree with a lot of what has been said here.

    The “getting to grips” issue is an interesting one, this getting to grips starts at the fingertips of the organisations that we are talking about and then moves upward and is enshrined, God willing, in the culture of the organisation.

    Its a house of cards and can fall down without everyone doing 110% to make sure it works.

    Those that take reports on the telephone and those that attend these reports from RMBC/SYP need extra training. That much is obvious.


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