Hints at desperation?

Was reminded earlier by Albion, of this piece of intemperate behaviour by Jahangir Akhtar, published at the point when he realised we were serious about exposing the truth about the criminality he was perfectly well aware was going on:

The Team behind RothBradPolitics?

Those involved, include Jahangir Akhtar and two of his children Azizzum and Tanveer now going by the name Tanveer Khan (since his dad got him a job in the planning department),  Mahroof Hussain his two ‘nephews’, Vakas and Muhbeen Hussain (desperately engaged in trying to make themselves look good on social media with self invented organisations, such as British Muslim Youth, to name but one), Said Omar Mohammed (formerly known as Stephen Mullins was a wife beater and child sexual exploiter) he says he is on a retainer paid for by Mahroof and Jahangir and is their IT, Web expert and now Video Editor it would appear.

See also: https://rotherhampolitics.wordpress.com/2013/10/04/labour-in-the-gutter/



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