Child sex abuse trial: Politicians and council officers’ reaction

THE leader of Rotherham Council said justice had finally been served to eight convicted sexual abusers jailed for 96 years – but MP Sarah Champion said this was just the “tip of the iceberg”.

Cllr Chris Read, leader of RMBC, also sent out a message to groomers and abusers who may be committing crimes in the town, he said: “We don’t want you in our community, you are not welcome, we will track you down and you will be prosecuted.”

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7 thoughts on “Child sex abuse trial: Politicians and council officers’ reaction

  1. Quite interesting the following wasn’t picked up!

    “We will not shy away from prosecutions, historic or current.” Ian Thomas, RMBC director of children and young people’s services!

    Oh right! That doesn’t explain;

    Rotherham Council drops legal bid to keep four men away from teenage girl in sex abuse case – Yorkshire Post


  2. Thank you to Ian Thomas for his statement. What about those errant council officers or local politicians associated who are associated with Common Purpose ? Why are they not being ‘tracked down and prosecuted’, Cllr Chris Read ? Is Common Purpose STILL an influence within RMBC ? Ian Thomas is a graduate of Common Purpose, having attended their 20:20 Leadership Summit ( Linkdin ) Also see ‘yup’ on 9 April on these pages.


  3. The reason for dropping the case was given, by the Council, as “insufficient evidence”. The young girl was in a hotel (bed ?) room with 4 men along with vodka, cannabis and condoms !! What were they doing ? Having a tea party ? As is usual with any reports about CSE and grooming neither the Authority or the media make any mention of the men’s’ ethnicity. I assume that if they were white, British males there may have a reference to this – the obvious conclusion, given the current circumstances in Rotherham, would have to be that they are Pakistani (heritage).Seems like PC still rules the world. Had this been English football hooligans causing mayhem in a foreign city all the authorities and media would report it as just that, “English football hooligans”, Why does PC not apply in that type of case ?


    • What ever the reason given, it’s in contradiction of the latter statement don’t you think.

      And what has football hooligans got to do with this subject matter and as if they are all white.


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