Ministers will ‘fight in every capital’ to protect LGBT ‘watchdog’

The Government has said it will fight “in every capital in the world” to stop a bid by African nations to get rid of the first UN independent expert to monitor LGBT rights.

The bold pledge comes in response to questioning by Rotherham MP Sarah Champion, following rumours of a plot which emerged this weekend.

The shadow equalities minister tabled an urgent debate today in which she called on the Government to declare its opposition to the move.

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27 Responses to Ministers will ‘fight in every capital’ to protect LGBT ‘watchdog’

  1. Colin Tawn says:

    Is this the most serious issue facing the government at the present time?
    I can think of other things that need the attention of Ms.Champion and the government rather than the LGBT watchdog.
    Another passing bandwagon for SC to jump on.

    • malcontent says:

      It’s a human rights issue and there is nothing more important than, whatever your sexual orientation is, to be treated as an equal human being. In some parts of the world people face being killed for simply being LGBT, when it should not be anyone else’s business.

    • reg reader says:

      I would have thought that it is well within the remit of the shadow equalities minister to raise this matter in parliament.
      …just as it was within the remit of shadow work and pensions secretary Debbie Abrahams to raise this:

      • loudmouth says:

        Let’s be frank here, Ms Champion or this government aren’t going to achieve anything, nobody listening to Britian again about Human Rights, just look what’s happening in the Middle East. Perhaps she doesn’t remember her last foray into foreign affairs, wasn’t it the Palestians, with a motely group of concern citizens, who knew children were being raped and abused, in Rotherham, but perfered to deal with other matters, I wonder why?

        • Linda Wheeler says:

          Not sure I understand your last post Loudmouth or who it was aimed at.. Perhaps you could explain ….

  2. Linda Wheeler says:

    Human rights is a sacred issue… It covers all of humanity..From within the womb until death. It is colour blind and non selective .Human rights violations ( even in our own families) are manifold and government legislation cannot force love and respect in the human heart…It works the opposite. Sexual orientation, or whether we like dresses or pants are irrelevant and singling people or groups out for special respect…Rather it causes resistance in the minds of many….We have forgotten and scorned the voice from outside of time and space that once and for all time gave the golden rule.”Thou shall love ……………… and thy neighbor as thyself. We are accountable (whether we like it or not) to a higher court whether treat all life as sacred or just disposable matter.

    • reg reader says:

      well said!

      • Linda Wheeler says:

        Thanks Reg….

        • Loudmouth says:

          We’re the Pakistani abusers, raping all those children in Rotherham, and doing other such horrible things to them, concern with their human rights. Did they advice them, they could seek help from the Council, Police, Churches etc, make an appeal to the Supreme Court in London, Strasbourg, the UN in New York? As a human being, child and someone’s daughter, they had the right to be treated with respect and decency?

          Those whom you seek to defend, do not have any respect for your values or any other cultures or norms. They see you as fools and accordingly treat you and other people’s children as such. Do everybody a favour, take your BS somewhere else, even the moral majority aren’t listening to you fools anymore.

  3. Linda Wheeler says:

    In case I forgot to push send button with my last post just wanted to say , thanks Reg, nice to be friends on this one eh….

  4. S Thornton says:

    She was elected to represent the people in her ward in Rotherham, not to follow jezzer`s left wing communist manifesto around the world. I am quite sure there are far more important issues that voters want to discuss, and resolve, in and around their own area.

  5. Linda Wheeler says:

    A great deal of time, energy, and $$$$ will be spent on this ‘ fight in every capital’….Dale Carnegie’s quote ” A man/woman complying against their will, remains of the same opinion still” says it all….. Straining gnats while swallowing camels is the daily business of career politicians….

  6. reg reader says:

    A far more comprehensive piece on the subject:
    Foreign Secretary urged to defend UN’s LGBT rights expert amid plot to axe role

  7. Linda Wheeler says:

    Reg, It is with sincerity that I concede that you are smarter than me. Your research I commend and find helpful….The point I try to make ( perhaps in a long winded way) is singling out minority groups for special respect is counterproductive….Legislation can advise and insist on certain conduct but every persons mind is free. When governments try to tell us how we should think it produces in us a ‘go to h…; response. The worst kinds of discrimination and oppression often are of a passive kind but equally as effective in bringing hurt to it’s subject…
    I am considered to be of a minority group. I am protected against violence like every other citizen. What people think about my belief and whether they wish to employ me or invite me to dinner is entirely their prerogative and i have no wish to deny them that basic human right. The right I value myself to be able to asses conduct of others and draw my own conclusions. That is where it ends.

  8. Linda Wheeler says:

    PS… British governments all out ‘fight’ to blog African bid to get rid of UN independent expert on LGBT rights is just another attempt at interference in the politics of another country…. Africans have their own issues and competency to deal with them as they see fit. It smacks of political racism under the disguise of a benevolent concern for minorities. To me at least.

  9. Linda Wheeler says:

    Good dialogue Reg… Did anything posiive come out of UN’s criticism’s of tory austerity and it’s impact on the disabled. Sounds a bit like tory responded with Go to H, E, double hockey sticks.

    • reg reader says:

      Not yet – things take time. But just watch this space.

      It significantly increases the pressure on the govenment.
      Even within the tory party the government doesn’t have much wriggle-room/support on this one – remember Ian Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, who resigned from the Cabinet on 18 March 2016, in opposition to Chancellor George Osborne’s proposed cuts to disability benefits? He hasn’t gone away.
      My guess is that changes will be announced in next year’s budget.

      • Linda Wheeler says:

        You have great faith in human nature Reg…2016 AD and we need an independent body to remind us to care for the vulnerable of society….
        I still think it’s the Mother Teresa’s of this world who just get on and do it with love and dignity to the people they serve….
        By contrast, I just read Frank Mcourt’s account of how authorities treated the poorest of the poor (including his own family) in Limerick Ireland. Grovel for every penny , only to be rewarded with contempt and humiliation. I would rather a Mother Teresa come to my aid than anyone in … lets say… RMBC or social services….

  10. reg reader says:

    Just come back to say that the vote has been taken and

    “African states put forward resolution to suspend work of independent investigator position created in June, but western countries blocked it”

    • Linda Wheeler says:

      Reg, Just caught up with your last post and comments on Mother Terasa’s Missionary of Charity…
      I am well versed with the late atheist Christopher Hitchen’s raging paranoia regarding the work of the Sisters of Charity and all things spiritual…. I prefer the first hand account of Malcolm Muggeridge and his view of Mother Teresa’s heart and work for the poorest of the poor. He was no fool and could spot a fraud from a great distance.
      I also prefer the views and integrity of Christopher ‘s brother Peter Hitchens… Peter the is one who Christopher’s charitable friends twittered Peter should have died instead of Christopher and his mother should have aborted him before birth….Those were the kind remarks…
      I know nothing of the Addis Ababa’s Sister’s of Charity hospital and you don’t enlighten why you found it personally disgraceful….
      Yes Reg we are digressing from the topic but to quote my childhood school yard banter…. “you started it”

    • Linda Wheeler says:

      Hang on a minute Reg….I understand Q has been lately added to LGBT…The independent investigator better get up to speed…
      .I probably won’t be around in 20 years but I am guessing it will look more like this LGBTQ+++++++++ ad infinitum.
      Couldn’t resist it Reg !

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