World holds its breath as US poll hangs on knife edge

World holds its breath as US poll hangs on knife edge

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have cast their votes as one of the most divisive and bitterly fought elections in modern American history reaches its climax – with still no clear winner emerging from the poll

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Your armchair guide to US election

The name-calling, bluster and lack of clear policy pronouncements in one of the most divisive US presidential elections ever is at an end.

Today America will finally find out who will lead it for the next five years (here soundtracked by Detroit shock rocker Alice Cooper’s 1972 tub-thumper Elected .

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9 Responses to World holds its breath as US poll hangs on knife edge

  1. reg reader says:

    … for us in UK, best just go to bed with a bedside radio tuned to the BBC World Service.

    For the US citizens I know, it’s more “hold your nose and vote for Hillary” than “hold your breath” time.

  2. reg reader says:

    Your quote from the Sheffield Star includes
    “Today America will finally find out who will lead it for the next five years”.
    US Presidents are elected for 4 years.
    President Obama was re-elected in 2012.

  3. 1st Time User says:

    I read it has two times five year terms …. very confusing …..A president is limited to serving for 10 years in office. He or she can only be elected to two full terms ..two full terms 2×5 =10…. However, if an individual becomes president through the order of succession, then they are allowed to serve an additional two years. …….I can’t make two 4s equal 10 …I am not making this up.. two full terms of 10 years equals two terms of five years ….please explain .

  4. Hotspot says:

    They can do what ever they like over there, including the bastion of free speech.

    In February 2003, a Florida Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with an assertion by FOX News that there is no rule against distorting or falsifying the news in the United States.

    No wonder that the amount of bush!t is unprecedented in the coverage of the presidency.

  5. Uncle sam says:

    Why is a president’s term in office 4 years? why not 3 or 5 years?

    At the Constitutional Convention in 1787 it was originally proposed that the term of the chief executive should be 6 years, but that he should not be eligible for reelection. Later it was decided to reduce the term to 4 years and make him eligible to stand for reelection.

    Why four years. This may have been a compromise. Madison wanted congressmen’s terms to be 1 year because he wanted them to be closest to the people’s wishes. But it was made 2 years. Senators, which were originally elected by state legislatures and intended to represent states more than people, had terms of 6 years, but one-third of the senate would be elected every two years. This was an attempt to balance Senate elections against the House elections, which would naturally be more radical because every congressman comes up for reelection every 2 years.

    4 years fit nicely in between House and Senate terms.

  6. reg reader says:

    And now the result is out it’s one’s nose that needs holding.

    • loudmouth says:

      Brilliant, what a kicking those Liberal, multi-cultural, we know what’s best for you, piss on my own people while making myself and friends rich, elites got. Trumps a total prick, but he’s beaten a bunch of pricks more lamely than him. Yes he’s a rich megalomaniac, and his policies are unworkable, but isn’t time these lovie libs realise the working man has had enough. Le Pen for France, Alf for Germany.

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