Council leader: hundreds of jobs to go in £40m cuts

HUNDREDS more jobs will be lost from Rotherham Borough Council in the next three years as the authority cuts at least £40 million from its budget, leader Cllr Chris Read has warned.

In an open letter to Advertiser readers, Cllr Read spells out the “difficult and painful” financial decisions facing the authority.

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6 thoughts on “Council leader: hundreds of jobs to go in £40m cuts

  1. Seems our Terassa, is no better than Daveboy and Georgie, thought they were easing back in the cuts, obvious they haven’t watched I Daniel Blake.


  2. I have spotted the “wheeeze” for this year. First it was “close all the Children`s centres”, and when the public complain, wring our hands, blame Dave, then spout that we have “saved” half of the centres. Don`t we look good.
    Following year, say “we are going to cut all the school crossing Staff”, wring our hands again, then say we have “saved” them, Don`t we look good.
    This year they say we are “cutting hundreds of jobs”, Wring our hands, then “save” half of them. Don`t we look good.
    They think they are clever when it comes to pulling the wool over the Public`s eyes, soooo wrong.
    I don`t see the Unions shouting, which is rather odd, when both the leader and his Partner are fully signed up Members.
    I would suggest that the local union Rep be sacked if he/she does not kick up a fuss.


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