How will Meadowhall’s £300m leisure development affect Rotherham town centre?

Applicants behind plans for a £300m Leisure Hall at Meadowhall insist that it will not have any unacceptable trading effects on Rotherham town centre or cause any significant adverse impact on planned investment.

The retail destination at Meadowhall is 5 km from Sheffield city centre and 3 km from Rotherham town centre. British Land, joint owner of Meadowhall, has recently submitted plans for a proposed extension that forms part of a five-year vision to extend the leisure offer at the centre.

The plan comprises a 330,000 sq ft multi-level extension housed under a glazed roof on land currently used for car parking. Plans show leisure space to provide a range of other uses to meet the needs of a wide family group, including a new cinema (the existing Vue Cinema will close, and be changed to an alternative leisure use) plus space for food and drink outlets. A new foodstore and added retail units are also planned.

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4 Responses to How will Meadowhall’s £300m leisure development affect Rotherham town centre?

  1. malcontent says:

    As well as this announcement Sheffield Council have said they will also spend £400 million revamping Attercliffe, and yet RMBC can’t even do anything about the burnt out buildings (they can’t still be the subject of arson enquires after all this time surely) in the town centre on Corporation Street. If the proposed train-tram linking Parkgate with Sheffield does get built the council may as well abandon the town centre altogether.

  2. Caven Vines says:

    Maybe that’s the plan Reed seems to pander to what Sheffield city region want and it’s Sheffield calling all the shots and the Commissioners are not helping Rotherham now are they

  3. Caven Vines says:

    Now Sheffield and Barnsley to get 18 Million for affordable housing to be built on brownfield land
    So much for Rotherham being at the table Sheffield City region Reed sits on it so does Commissioner Kenny both supposed to be representing Rotherham what a joke
    As I said above

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