Corbyn backers take control of Benn’s party in Leeds

ONE of Yorkshire’s most senior Labour MPs is on a collision course with his local party after a “takeover” by supporters of leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Political allies of Hilary Benn, the former shadow foreign secretary, have expressed concern about his future after elections to his Leeds Central constituency party were dominated by Corbyn supporters.

The elections were described by one Labour source in the region as a “takeover” of the Leeds Central party by Corbynites.

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Expelled Militant Labour members apply to rejoin party

Expelled figures linked to the former Militant wing of the Labour Party have formally applied to rejoin Labour.

The 75 applicants include former Militant leaders Peter Taaffe and Dave Nellist, who was Labour MP for Coventry South East for nine years.

They cite Donald Trump’s election as US president as a motivation to “assist the struggle to transform Labour”.

The internal battle with the Militant tendency faction was one of Labour’s biggest controversies of the 1980s.

Mr Taaffe, who was expelled from Labour in 1983, said: “We want to play our part in the struggle to transform Labour and urge the National Executive Committee to aid this process by admitting us, and others who have been similarly expelled or excluded, into membership.”

Mr Taaffe, now the general secretary of the Socialist Party, was expelled along with ex-MP Mr Nellist – now the chairman of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

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