Downing Street rules out working with Nigel Farage to woo Trump

The Prime Minister has dismissed suggestions that former Ukip leader Nigel Farage could act as a go-between for the Government as it looks to forge stronger ties with America’s new president-elect.

In a clear effort to play down Mr Farage’s influence on the UK’s “special relationship” with the US, Downing Street has ruled out the need to include a “third person” in negotiations between the two states.

They also highlighted the work of British diplomatic staff in building contacts with Mr Trump’s team in the run up to the election, stating that established routes of engagement are “working well”.

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Make peace with Trump after ‘rude’ Tory comments, May told

DONALD TRUMP’S top team have “reservations” about Theresa May’s government, Nigel Farage has revealed after his meeting with the US President elect.

The interim Ukip leader, who became the first British politician to meet Mr Trump since his shock victory, said some of the Republican’s core advisers were concerned about unflattering comments made by British Cabinet Ministers.

Mr Farage disclosed members of the president-elect’s inner circle remain sceptical, though Mr Trump told him he had a “nice conversation” with Mrs May.

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Nigel Farage branded ‘poppy-less popinjay’ for skipping Remembrance Sunday to visit Donald Trump

Labour accused the former Ukip leader of hypocrisy after he appeared in Mr Trump’s golden elevator without a poppy

Labour has branded Nigel Farage a “poppy-less popinjay” after the Ukip politician skipped Remembrance Sunday services in Britain so he could go to America and meet Donald Trump.

Carwyn Jones, the Labour first minister of Wales, said Mr Farage was “conspicuous by his absence” from services despite his party appropriating Battle of Britain imagery and rhetoric during his campaigns against the EU.

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