Disgraced Vaz given new role tackling corruption

Keith Vaz, the disgraced Labour MP, has been handed a new House of Commons role preparing laws to tackle corruption and money laundering.

Mr Vaz, who is under police investigation for alleged drugs offences, will take his place on a parliamentary committee scrutinising the criminal offences bill today.

The role will reignite controversy over his election to the Commons justice committee after a newspaper sting in which he allegedly paid for the services of two male escorts, which cost him his job as the chairman of the home affairs committee in September.

Far from stepping back, however, the Leicester East MP has taken on a new role on the public bill committee scrutinising the criminal finances bill. The 20-strong cross-party committee, which will help to shape the bill, holds its first session today.

Read on… http://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/disgraced-vaz-given-new-role-tackling-corruption-qdltw03fq

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6 Responses to Disgraced Vaz given new role tackling corruption

  1. Linda Wheeler says:

    Just lost my breakfast !

  2. reg reader says:

    He will be good in that role. It takes one to know one.

  3. Linda Wheeler says:

    He’s up for a knighthood next Reg ! That’s how it works doesn’t it……

  4. Linda Wheeler says:

    Ridicule is the last option against thick skins when reason won’t penetrate…. What do you say Reg ?

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