Shaun Wright to be investigated by police over claims he lied to Parliament about Rotherham abuse scandal

PARLIAMENT has asked the police to investigate allegations a former police and crime commissioner lied to MPs when he gave evidence to a Commons committee about the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal.

The Home Affairs Select Committee has referred the allegations against Shaun Wright, former South Yorkshire PCC, to the Metropolitan Police for investigation.

In a statement, the committee said tonight: “The Home Affairs Committee has received two complaints alleging that a witness who was examined on oath by the former Committee in the last Parliament deliberately misled the Committee.

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Rotherham ex-police commissioner accused of perjury

A shamed former police commissioner faces criminal investigation for alleged perjury over claims that he lied to MPs about the Rotherham sex-grooming scandal.

Shaun Wright is said to have deliberately given misleading evidence under oath when he was summoned before a parliamentary inquiry. When he answered MPs’ questions in 2014 the South Yorkshire police and crime commissioner was clinging to his job after a report found that 1,400 Rotherham children were groomed and sexually exploited between 1997 and 2013.

Mr Wright, 48, who had also been a Labour councillor in Rotherham with responsibility for children’s services from 2005-10, finally stood down from the £85,000-a-year post a week after his appearance at a session of the Commons home affairs committee, at which one MP called him “the least credible witness I’ve ever come across”.

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6 thoughts on “Shaun Wright to be investigated by police over claims he lied to Parliament about Rotherham abuse scandal

  1. Tut tut, Shaun Wright (allegedly) telling porkies to the HASC.
    Who’d a thunk it?

    The Yorkshire Post is becoming like the BBC; Not a word he was a member of the Labour party who was a Labour councillor on a Labour controlled council.
    Strange isn’t it?
    Welcome to the New Improved Groupthink.


  2. At 2:50 of 09.09.2014 into the HOC Committee meeting which interrogated Shaun Wright, Keith Vaz indicated that he had spoken with Harry Harpham who he said had told him that EVERYONE on the Police and Crime Panel has called for the resignation of Shaun Wright. IS THIS TRUE ? – EVERYONE ? Where are the minutes of the meeting of 11.09.14 of the PCC at Rotherham Town Hall?
    Why did Caven Vines then resign? ( )
    Why did those labour politicians NOT resign for promoting and supporting the selection and election of Shaun Wright. Labour, including Harry Harpham were supporting Shaun Wright until he became a political liability.

    Click to access confirmation_response_28_january_2013.pdf
    ( WOW ! – See quotes of Davison and Otten ! )
    Why was Shaun Wright, as labour cabinet member for children, agreeable to Sonia Sharp, Rotherham’s childrens’ executive, later to move to Sheffield, ceding tens of thousands of pounds to Common Purpose, and why did he deny any knowledge when FoI was applied ?


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