Region reacts to latest on HS2 route

Region reacts to latest on HS2 route

The HS2 route East of Rotherham looks likely to be the Government’s preferred option as it confirms that the £55.7 billion project will reach the North and safeguarding and engineering reports regarding the proposed route, put forward in July, have now been released.

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Economic case for new HS2 route

HS2 Ltd has published its economic case for the £55.7 billion North-South high speed train link which now takes into account the proposed changed route through South Yorkshire.

The Government has now said that, in line with the Sir David Higgins route proposals from July, it proposes that “HS2 should serve Sheffield with a connection to the existing station with the main route be moved further east.” Consultation is taking place before a final decision is made next year.

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The case against HS2 M18 route

Local MPs, working with local community action groups, and drawing on HS2 documents and other official sources, have been making their case against the proposed changes to the route of HS2 through South Yorkshire.

They believe that Meadowhall still presents the best option for the region, a view echoed by Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce and Rotherham Council.

In a personal note for the Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling MP, Wentworth and Dearne’s John Healey MP and Doncaster’s Ed Miliband MP summarise their main concerns about the new proposed HS2 route through South Yorkshire. It compares the proposed new Eastern route with the previously published route via Meadowhall with an HS2 station.

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