RIO named as “centre of excellence”

LIFE-CHANGING Rotherham Institute for Obesity (RIO) has been recognised as a centre of excellence by a national health organisation.

The centre, based at Clifton Lane Medical Centre, has become a Centre of Obesity Management by the Association of the Study of Obesity.

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3 Responses to RIO named as “centre of excellence”

  1. .Colin Tawn says:

    It would help if RMBC would stop giving planning permission for more fast food outlets in the borough.
    It is impossible to want people to be fit and healthy while at the same time allowing peddlars of fat filled and cholesterol inducing food to thrive and selling off sports fields.
    Let’s have a bit joined up thinking RMBC.

  2. .Colin Tawn says:

    Apologies for typo:
    Last line should read …’a bit more joined up thinking’.

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