The Week That Was – Last Weeks Top Ten 19th November

Last Weeks Top Ten 19th November 2016:

  1. Ten cleared over Wellgate disorder
  2. Shaun Wright to be investigated by police over claims he lied to Parliament about Rotherham abuse scandal
  3. Ex – deputy leader Jahangir Akhtar – £2000 legal costs to Rotherham Council
  4. Rotherham Labour 3 – more exes woes
  5. Howard Knight controversy
  6. Former Yorkshire crime tsar faces claims he misled MPs over sex abuse
  7. NCA arrests Rotherham man over CSE offences
  8. Rotherham 12 were defending themselves in the face of an ‘unexpected onslaught’, court told
  9. Disgraced Vaz given new role tackling corruption
  10. Rotherham child abuse: Claims ex-PCC Shaun Wright lied to MPs

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