Call for Labour moderates to organise following Leeds Central ‘takeover’

MODERATE LABOUR activists have been urged to organise to avoid a repeat of the takeover of Hilary Benn’s Leeds Central constituency party by backers of leader Jeremy Corbyn.

A newsletter from the Labour First group has hailed the success of moderates in fending off Momentum in local party elections “with a few exceptions such as Leeds Central”.

It continues: “We want to continue this pattern in 2017 and we are conscious that we need to organise very hard to do so, and at the same time to be campaigning hard for Labour and ready to fight an early General Election if one is called.”

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Andrew Vine: Purge of moderates could doom Labour to oblivion

THE purge of Labour’s moderates has begun, just as a senior regional figure in the party predicted a year ago.

I wrote here of his worries, about how he bore the scars of the corrosive Labour infighting of the early 1980s, and his conviction that it would all start again now that Jeremy Corbyn had gained control of the party.

If he was gloomy then, he’s despondent now. Everything he feared has come to pass, with hard-left activists making concerted efforts to gain control of local parties with the intention of deselecting MPs who won’t toe the Corbyn line.

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