Councillor “squeezed buttocks” of fellow elected member

A COUNCILLOR has been convicted of sexually touching a fellow elected member.

Andrew Roddison (41) was found guilty under the Sex Offences Act after a trial at Leeds Magistrates’ Court.

The offence, against a female councillor, happened at an event at Rotherham Town Hall in May.

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12 Responses to Councillor “squeezed buttocks” of fellow elected member

  1. S Thornton says:

    Now let me guess, Labour councillor brings the council into disrepute. The Standards Committee look the other way and do nothing. ( they just target Independent Councillors who dare to challenge them.) The correct thing would be to withdraw the whip, and ask him to resign, but don`t hold your breath.
    Very few people have any confidence in the “Non standards Committee”.
    Just an example of why its got such a low reputation, Cllr Beck was “taken off” the Standards Committee a couple of years ago because of his “performance” at Anston Parish Council, he then had to resign from the cabinet because he was “not fit for purpose”, then a year or so later he pops back up as Chair of the “Non” standards Committee. You cannot make it up, but they do.

    S Thornton

  2. Byeck says:

    In a council not noted for genteel behaviour, which shrinking violet decided this was a matter for the police, rather than a stiletto heel to his instep? We should be told.

    • rothpol says:

      You are disgracing yourself with this comment. This was a sexual assault, pure and simple. Roddison should go!
      You may not know the identity of the victim as it is protected by the court.

      • Byeck says:

        Utter rubbish, Rothpol. Nowhere do I say Roddison should go unpunished. What I did say was that a stiletto to the instep would have provided instant retribution and as we now learn the incident apparently happened in front of 100 witnesses, a complaint to the party would have seen Roddison expelled, justice done and saved the lady a tearful appearance in court.
        And with 100 witnesses, keeping the lady’s identity secret is problematic.

  3. Edmund Morel says:

    What twisted sense of entitlement enables a man to commit a sexual assault in broad daylight at a public event before attempting to laugh it off with an arrogant joke? And what sort of a correspondent describes a victim of sexual assault as a ‘shrinking violet’? Words fail me, as they often have over the past year or two. But are we to take it that ‘a stiletto heel to the instep’ is a euphemism for ‘dealing with matters internally’? Is your correspondent really suggesting that a blind eye should have been quietly turned to sexual assault? Again? No. I’m afraid a stiletto heel and an expulsion from the Labour Party just won’t do. Not for a Councillor in Rotherham. Not after all that has gone before.

    Along with the disgraceful ‘shrinking violet’ comment, your correspondent’s eagerness that the identity of the victim leeches into the public domain reveals an undercurrent of implicit threat, and a level of victim blaming that the child abuse scandal should have curtailed for good. Your correspondent is rattled, though I wouldn’t like to speculate why. But I do know that birds of a feather allegedly flock together. And if gossip and rumour are to be believed, Roddison was pally-pally with Jahangir Akhtar in the early days of his not so illustrious career, and was also to be found whispering in dark corners of the Town Hall with Rose McNeeley; she who hid behind a bag of boiled sweets whilst allegedly doing the bidding of Mahroof Hussain. But speaking of the Town Hall, it will be interesting to see whether Handy Andy does the proper thing now, and resigns, or whether he follows in the footsteps of some of Rotherham’s other pond life, and turns up to the first ten minutes of an obscure meeting once every six months to get his tick in the book and our cash in his bank account.

  4. Caven Vines says:

    Allegedly he was assisted to do just that at the last Council meeting by one of the Labour Councillors who kept quiet after they was told of CSE at the seminar so you hit the nail on the head with birds of a feather
    Same old same old nothing changers

  5. Unknown says:

    I too fell victim to this mans wondering hands . So glad this lady found the strength to speak out….

    • malcontent says:

      It’s reported that he has said, “I do it to everybody.” Then this begs the question how many other victims are there? After such a statement the police should be appealing for all his victims to come forward and giving them a guarantee of anonymity and that they will be treated with discretion and sympathy.

    • rothpol says:

      If there are more victims of this odious man out there?
      Now would be a good time to come forward.
      Contact us, in confidence, on

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  7. Linda Wheeler says:

    There is , to me at least, 100 people plus spouse complicit in this disgraceful event. I preferred the days of old fashioned chivalry where the husband was the first of 3 strikes . 1st a punch, 2nd charged , 3rd lost his job and I forgot the 4th…… his wife…..
    It was and still is a better deterrent to serial offenders….

  8. Linda Wheeler says:

    If a picture is worth a thousand words; then the one of Mr Roddison leaving court firmly grasping his wife’s ‘supporting’ hand says it all….When he gets home, he’s in for it !……..

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