Akhtar and Roddison: Old Chums

For many readers who miss Asbo Akhtar since he left political life & went to ground, I can confirm he is alive and kicking…though we don’t know who he is actually kicking these days.

There’s been numerous unconfirmed sightings; as taxi driver, call centre worker and even employed by Saj Boston in the tobacco logistics business.

As well as his recently fortified house on Clough Road, a street renowned as “Rotherham’s only Open Prison” he is allegedly flitting between premises formerly occupied by friends and family members now taking B&B courtesy of Her Majesty. Keeping their beds warm, so to speak.

But all such reports are in that open space between fact and fantasy, a space in which Akhtar has dwelled for many years.

Now he has surfaced, albeit in a shy way, providing a character reference for his old chum and fellow raconteur Andrew Roddison in his recent Court hearing for groping (sorry I can’t recollect the legal term.)

There could almost be something charming about these two old reprobate chums sticking together, and one thing you can say about Akhtar is he’s always loyal to friends when they’re within earshot.

I’m sure with time there’ll be regular reunions with other old comrades such as Shaun Wright, Barry Dodson, Shaukat Ali and former Leader Roger Stone (aka Lord Lucan.)

Image the fun they’ll have swapping yarns about the good old days, passing round photos of old charge sheets, various inquiries and clippings from The Times.

As I drink a third glass of wine I can even imagine them striking a campaign medal…the CSE. Doting grandchildren will look up at them and ask…..what did you do in the War against CSE Grandad?

The thought brings tears to a glass eye.

Wil Ewart

See also: https://rotherhampolitics.wordpress.com/the-rotherham-trial-reports/cllr-andrew-roddison-case/

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