Labour MP seeks debate on listing Britain First as terrorist organisation

Home Secretary Amber Rudd is being asked to consider allowing MPs to decide if Britain First should be listed as a “terrorist organisation” and outlawed.

Labour’s Louise Haigh suggested giving the Commons a chance to approve adding the far-right group to the banned list.

Such proscription orders make i t a criminal offence for people to belong to a group, encourage support for it, arrange meetings in support of them or wear clothing or carry articles that arouse suspicion an individual is in favour of them.

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8 thoughts on “Labour MP seeks debate on listing Britain First as terrorist organisation

  1. You just have to laugh at the sheer stupidity of the Labour Party and the fools like this 29 year idiot that now populate it, no doubt one of the Snowflake Generation. Well she’s in her Safe Space in Westminster that’s for sure.
    She nominated Corbyn in 2015 and then a year later voted for Owen Smith, apparently having realised that she made a “bad judgement” the year before, and giving a “no confidence” vote in Corbyn’s “leadership”. You have to laugh, really.
    She is apparently also too thick to understand the meaning of the word “terrorist” – it’s the Labourite Newspeak term used by the lefties who want to use something more toxic and vitriolic than the out-of-vogue terms “racist” and “fascist”. If you don’t believe in what I believe in and have your own views , then ………… you’re a ….. TERRORIST . LOL.
    She is well qualified for the Labour Hall of Lame – another proud owner of a useless degree in …. yes, you guessed it folks …… Politics and Craponomics , sadly not even from Oxford or even LSE, but , er, Nottingham ? A bit sad, that one. Well , she was at LSE but probably couldn’t cut it.
    Well, her degree certainly qualifies her for her post in the Shadow cabinet as ……….Shadow Minister for Digital Economy. if her website is anything to judge by, she knows not-a-lot about digital anything, Looks like it was put together by some 13 year old – if I was her I would be embarassed by it.

    The poor naive little girl , still wet behind the ears …….. I would feel sorry for her if she wasn’t on a “nice little earner”.


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