Delivering 2,000 new homes in Rotherham town centre

Rotherham Council is set to play a key role in delivering 2,000 new homes in Rotherham town centre as it takes on an “enabling and entrepreneurial role” in stimulating local housing growth.

As the regeneration of the town centre continues, and investments such as the £20m New York Stadium and heritage-led regeneration of the High Street, are added to with the potential leisure hub in Forge Island and unversity campus on Doncaster Gate, the emerging masterplan places an importance on enabling more people to live in the town centre.

Town centre living is seen as critical to sustaining the long term health of the town centre and is important in achieving around the clock vitality and vibrancy.

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Where could new homes be built in Rotherham town centre?

Rotherham Council is waiting to find out if it has secured £32m to develop starter homes in the town centre, with a number of “go early” sites identified.

The authority took the opportunity offered by the Government’s £1.2 billion Starter Homes Programme to develop proposals and submitted a bid for £32m.

The aim of the Starter Home Land Fund is to support the acquisition, remediation and de-risking of suitable land for starter home developments that can then be built out by developers by 2020. It is targeting land that is vacant, underused or unviable in non-residential use.

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