Roddison’s sham resignation

After Rotherham Councils sex pest was sentenced last week, it was announced he would be quitting as a councillor.

Only in Rotherham would this amount to staying on as an elected representative after all!

Quite outrageously he has not resigned at all, but has merely re-designated his party affiliation to non aligned.

The evidence?



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and: Cllr Andrew Roddison case

23 thoughts on “Roddison’s sham resignation

  1. Only in Rotherham would a convicted sex pest be allowed to carry on as before wearing a different coat.
    Chris Read and his cabinet are failures. RMBC is a failure, it is still ‘Not Fit For Purpose’.


    • Colin,
      Whilst I am not trying to defend Read and Co, is there any way they could have stopped this happening?

      Roddison is a total and utter disgrace.


  2. One thing has concerned me during the progress of the Roddison case, has been the apparent lack of support, within Labour Group, for Roddison’s victim, even amongst fellow female Labour Councillors?


    • Rothpol and Colin Tawn

      This man is an established and convicted sex pest whom Read seeks to cover up to keep his vote. It is a sickening and obscene act to allow him anywhere near a council chamber or expect his victim to suffer the recall of her ordeal at every opportunity.

      He has neither shame, integrity or common decency. Read is making a mockery of the judge’s sentencing but this is a Labour council which has no moral compass.

      His victim will be reminded of her ordeal every time they pass on a corridor or in the council chamber. I sincerely hope that others who have suffered at his hands come forward.

      Does this mean that this scumbag will still be picking up his allowances for committees where he will have to work with his victim despite an indefinite restraining order?

      I hope the people of Rotherham especially, Treeton and Catcliffe lock up their wives, sisters, daughters and grandchildren for their own safety. As well as shun this dimwit sloth and his surgeries.


      • @White Cloud

        ‘Does this mean that this scumbag will still be picking up his allowances for committees…’
        The information here:
        shows Roddison is a committee member of:
        Health Select Commission
        Orange Book For Information
        Planning Board

        Unless and until the useless Labour party votes Roddison of these committees (They are quick to vote Independent councillors off committees) then they will rightly be perceived as the party of the reckless and feckless.
        Have no fear, the drones will still vote Labour even if half of them were convicted criminals.


  3. @rr
    Councillors could-if they were not spineless Labour nodding donkeys-vote to bar Roddison from meetings. He could then appeal to the Monitoring Officer and the sham Standards Board against his suspension.

    It would be to much to expect sexist and bullying Rotherham Labour councillors to offer any sympathy to victims of sexual misbehaviour especially as Roddison was ‘one of theirs’.
    Other than verbal platitudes about ‘lessons have been learned’, ‘a new start’ and ‘moving on’ what has Chris Read and his ‘Not Fit For Purpose’ colleagues said or done that makes a pennyworth of difference to Roddison’s victim(s) or to the 1400 child victims of sexual abuse?
    Answers on a postage stamp please.


    • @Labour out
      Every councillor agrees to abide by the Nolan Principles (Allegedly)
      RMBC’s CoC: /
      ‘The code covers general behaviour around things like confidentiality, impartiality and bullying…………………….’

      Perhaps some RMBC Labour councillors cannot read?


  4. If the conditions of the Restraining Order prohibit “direct or indirect contact” with the victim then this odious sex pest should not be allowed into ANY meeting she attends. Read et al should be aware of the details and take the appropriate steps AND pass on any relevant actions to the electorate of Rotherham. They did pledge to act in a transparent manner, after all ! I would expect the Chief Commissioner to have a view on Roddison’s standing within the “still not fit for purpose” Council !!


  5. As I said in an earlier post good old fashioned chivalry works better than expecting the RMBC to do the right thing….. A knee in the groin from the lady and a punch from the husband and howls of protest from the spectators of this incident should make him the embarrassed one in the the Town Hall. It’s not too late is it….. ?


  6. After checking online I see the Restraining Order prevents the sex pest from “contacting” the victim ! Surely this makes it illegal for him to attend meetings involving the victim ? She should ask the Court to clarify “contact” in this instance to prevent his attendance.


    • Xinsider
      The victim has no need to ask a court to clarify ‘contact’. The onus is not on the victim but on the sex pest himself. He must to adhere to the terms of his sentence.

      No contact, direct or indirect is what it is. It’s working in the same Labour team, being in the same room, same meeting, same building. An impossibility for him to adhere to.

      So how can Rodisson possibly attend council or committee meetings to pick up is dirty money? His victim needs to report him to the police at every opportunity the dimwit tries to weasel his way back.

      Maybe he has taken advice and is following in Akhtar’s grubby steps……… The Judge knew exactly what he was doing by giving Rodisson the sentence that he did in order to protect the victim and her reputation..


  7. The people of Brinsworth and Catcliffe should have a say on if they want to be represented by a non aligned party sex pest …..What they should do is protest outside RMBC towers every day with placards and maybe get some tv exposure on a national level…. people shaming him will win in the end .. because left to the weak unfit council members …some of whom he will be mates with ..nothing will get done… ive heard some of the ceilings in RMBC towers are only 6ft high because of the amount of shit swept under the carpets.


  8. As Roddison was re-elected in May for another four years, that’s until 2020. That means he will pocket another £44k of our money. Remember Ahktar also wouldn’t resign after his conviction for thuggery, though he, unlike Roddison did not resign from the Labour party. Which meant he remained a Labour councillor whilst doing his community service until his term of office expired
    Can’t recollect that there were any calls in public from the other Labour councillors for him to resign. That is the brazen, barefaced cheek and lack of principle some of these self-serving people have.


  9. A quick google suggests that there are mechanisms for suspending councillors for at least some of their period in elected office. One example shows a councillor being suspended for a period of 2.5 years..even though his offences were only against the code of conduct, not the law.

    My guess is that if Roddison lost the Council as a source of income he would son leave office.

    It would be interesting to know what The Leader of the Council is doing to pursue this option….has he taken legal advice?

    And will he bother to tell us?



  10. Presumably Labour cannot stop him being a Councillor, they can only chuck him out of the Labour party. It’s up to Roddison to resign. The only thing Labour can do is chuck him off committees and make a bit more noise about calling him to step down altogether. Although not much sign of that. What does AR know, that they are keeping him so close to their bosoms? (Sorry, unfortunate turn of phrase there!) Is the appearance of his non aligned status on the web site simply a reflection of his new status, party-wise and maybe events will yet unfold? It’s something that needed to be done while we await AR falling on his sword? But I won’t hold my breath because I think it’s pretty clear he is not fit to represent his constituents any longer and he should have gone by now. The web site entry shows the times of his surgeries. Which female constituent, in their right mind, is going to turn up to one of those? He cannot function as a Councillor serving, listening to and representing his constituents….ooops, I forgot, Labour councillors don’t think like that anyway. It’s all about money and power. Or in his case, money, sex and power.


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