Fraudster jailed over Waverley tree scam

Nearly £100,000 was meant to help create new woodland at the Waverley development in Rotherham but when it turned out that not a single tree had been planted, the “entrepreneur” who secured the money was jailed for fraud.

On the site of the former Orgreave coking works, Harworth Estates is bringing forward 3,890 new homes with shops, a health centre, parks and schools, to create a progressive new residential and business community within a lakeside setting. The first 570 houses are currently being developed by Taylor Wimpey, Barratt Homes and Harron Homes. It also includes the UK’s premier Advanced Manaufacturing Park (AMP).

The Birmingham Mail reports that as part of a national scheme to establish new woodlands, 30-year-old Pritesh Ladwa was awarded a £98,000 grant for a forest scheme at Waverley in 2014.

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Fraudster given £100,000 to plant trees jailed after failing to plant one

A JET-SETTING fraudster handed almost £100,000 to start a new forest has been jailed – after he failed to plant a single tree.

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5 Responses to Fraudster jailed over Waverley tree scam

  1. White Clouds says:

    Presumably hard questions need to be asked of Darren Hughes (who is Chair of Catcliffe Parish) as to how and why they gave the go ahead to this 30 year old fraudster who had scammed similar projects.

    So just what were the tests that were put into place by Darren Hughes on behalf of Catcliffe Parish Council? Not least. the questions and checks he would need to put into place to validate reputation, past projects, reliability and value for money.

    Come on Mr Hughes, we are all waiting to hear how and why £100k of public money was trousered by this shyster on your patch.

    • reg reader says:

      What makes you think that Catcliffe Parish Council were in any way involved in this?
      Do Catcliffe PC own the land? Who was the land owner? It would they who were the grant-applicant.

      If the land is RMBC owned then RMBC would have been responsible, In my parish, all Forestry Association and Natual England grants have been applied for, and when approved, administered by RMBC.

      Btw – I could see nothing in the report that says that the guy had “scammed similar projects”.

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