How will HS2 compensation payouts work?

THE proposed HS2 rail line through the Rotherham district has been a bombshell to communities large and small across the area. But what does it mean financially for people living near the line? ANTONY CLAY attempts to unravel the confusing process.

DETAILS about compensation for property owners in the line of the proposed HS2 high speed route have been revealed as consultation on the route gets under way.

The Government is consulting on the HS2 project through Rotherham and the Dearne Valley until March 9 and who gets what compensation has been — sort of — clarified.

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3 Responses to How will HS2 compensation payouts work?

  1. reg reader says:

    Very helpful – the Rotherham Advertiser deserves thanks for this .

  2. Colin Tawn says:

    Now I’ve read the ‘Advertiser’ piece (twice) it’s as clear as mud.
    How can quangocrats make such a dog’s breakfast of what should be a relatively simple compensation scheme?
    If you are affected by noise and/or disturbance because of HS2 you will be compensated. Defining different areas closer to or further from the high speed line is over complicated IMV.
    It is very simple; I’m moving to there,here is my invoice duly signed by my solicitor, cheque please.
    How difficult can it be?

    • reg reader says:

      The whole compensation scheme has been confusing and unclear every since the original Meadowhall Station route was announced.

      I live close enough to that original route to have seen the destructive impact it has already had on long-established Rotherham communities.

      Yes, people should not have to get out a tape measure to work where they stand for compensation.
      (“Is it worth me thinking about getting planning permission for an extension that gets me 10 metres closer to the track?”) ,

      We are already beginning to see solicitors claiming to specialise in HS2 Claims

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