Woman in court charged with “stalking” Rotherham abuse whistleblower

A CHILD sex abuse victim will be tried next year for allegedly stalking a Rotherham borough councillor.

Sarah Wilson (pictured), who waived her right to lifelong anonymity to publish a book on her ordeal, appeared at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court to face the charge on Wednesday.

She is accused of stalking Cllr Jayne Senior, formerly head of youth work programme Risky Business, with voicemails, text messages and online posts “causing harassment, alarm or distress”.

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/105365/woman-in-court-charged-with-stalking-rotherham-abuse-whistleblower.aspx

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9 Responses to Woman in court charged with “stalking” Rotherham abuse whistleblower

  1. pleasant says:

    How can a situation have deteriorated to such an extent that court action was considered necessary? Whatever was troubling the victim should have been addressed such that the perceived need to contact a third party was not considered an option. Clearly there has been a failure here, resulting in further harm , alarm and distress to both parties. The actions and possible court hearing are but symptoms, the failures still remain with RMBC, which, it appears, have not learned a single lesson throughout this whole debacle.

  2. Dave Smith says:

    At Wednesdays RMBC meeting the leader of the council in answering a question on CSE from Caven Vines, dismissed the 2005 seminar as just an hour where no one got to know anything. The fact that the new great leader makes a public statement like that puts into perspective why Sarah felt it necessary to protest. Senior has never answered the question, why has she joined the regime that allegedly treated her so badly.
    Dave Smith

    • Colin Tawn says:

      @Dave Smith
      ‘ leader of the council…….dismissed the 2005 seminar as just an hour where no one got to know anything.’
      This is the Seminar that the Jay report states that all those who attended ‘could not have failed to know what was going on’.
      I know who I believe, it isn’t Chris Read.

      It is puzzling to many of us why Jayne Senior jumped into bed with the party that vilified her.

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  4. Caven Vines says:

    Jayne Seniors book gives a different version to Reeds and I beleive it was her who ran the seminar

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