Heartbreak of MP’s lone battle to tackle sex abuse in Bradford

A senior Labour politician has spoken of her heartbreak that action was not taken more than a decade ago to protect vulnerable children in a Yorkshire district from sexual exploitation.

Ann Cryer, the chairwoman of the Labour Party’s National Policy Forum, was widely vilified in 2003 when she first tried to bring a staggering circle of crime to light.

Ridiculed, branded a racist, a liar and a fantasist, the then-Keighley MP was forced to install a panic button in her own home as she became a target herself.

Now, as new figures uncovered by The Yorkshire Post show an unprecedented level of abuse emerging in the Bradford district, her fears have been justified.

Read more at: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/our-region/west-yorkshire-and-the-dales/bradford/heartbreak-of-mp-s-lone-battle-to-tackle-sex-abuse-in-bradford-1-8285026

YP Comment: Laxity in face of sex abuse. The warnings ignored for years

THE WARNING given by Ann Cryer in 2003 was clear and unambiguous. Teenage girls in her Keighley constituency, said the then MP, were being systematically groomed, abused and raped by gangs of Asian men. Yet the response to these alarming claims was largely to dismiss them as dangerous fantasies.

More than a decade later, however, it became clear that this pattern of events was occurring not only in Keighley, but in various towns and cities across the country, one notable example being Rotherham where exhaustive inquiries eventually revealed the full scale of the abuse and the failings of police and social workers that allowed it to happen.

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/opinion/yp-comment-laxity-in-face-of-sex-abuse-the-warnings-ignored-for-years-1-8284997

Exclusive: Bradford Council SHELVED key sex abuse post

An under-fire Yorkshire council shelved a key post to tackle child sexual exploitation before a teenage abuse victim was “systematically failed” by the authority’s care services, The Yorkshire Post can reveal.

Bradford Council has confirmed that the role of a member of staff who was employed by the authority to help young abuse victims came to an end in 2010, leaving a two-year gap until a unit dedicated to tackling cases of sex exploitation was established.

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/our-region/west-yorkshire-and-the-dales/bradford/exclusive-bradford-council-shelved-key-sex-abuse-post-1-8285024

6 thoughts on “Heartbreak of MP’s lone battle to tackle sex abuse in Bradford

  1. How come other Yorkshire MPs knew now’t heard now’t did now’t ??? except Denis McShane EX Rotherham MP who said he admired what Ann Cryer was doing but still did now’t


  2. The usual half story – “of all the abusers…..55% are Asians”. Does this mean Pakistani / Bangladeshi heritage ? Who are the other 45% ? White indigenous? Eastern European? I had hoped that what happened, and is still happening, in Rotherham would have slightly diluted institutional political correctness ! Apparently it hasn’t.


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  4. Guess who held a position in Bradford Council at the time the MP raised her concerns?


    “Joyce Thacker, the former head of Bradford Council’s Youth Service has been awarded an OBE for services to young people. Mrs Thacker is now senior head of service for Children and Young People at Rotherham Council.

    Chris Whiley, Bradford Council’s head of youth service, said: “I am very pleased for Joyce who worked in Bradford for a number of years and did some great work in the development of the youth service here in Bradford.

    “Many staff still remember her with great fondness and this honour is well deserved.””


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