Infrastructure levy set for April start

Developers wanting to build houses and out of town retail projects in the Rotherham borough are set to pay a levy from April under a new scheme designed to raise an estimated £12m to support local infrastructure.

The Planning Act 2008 introduced the concept of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) as a new means for authorities to seek developer contributions to help fund infrastructure and Rotherham Council has been consulting on how it could operate in the borough. Councils aren’t obliged to introduce a levy but the CIL can, in the most part, replace Section 106 financial contributions and provide a more transparent way of raising money to help pay for the infrastructure required to deliver the Local Plan.

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4 thoughts on “Infrastructure levy set for April start

  1. I’m sure we can rely wholly upon the integrity of Rotherham MBC to use the levy receipts in a responsible manner and ensure that the residents of the borough, oh sorry, I mean the council’s “customers”, receive the very best value for money we can – I’m sure the big fat salaried parasites won’t receive yet another hike in income and I’m sure there won’t be any junketing off to award ceremonies.


  2. No CIL payable on; Retail and industrial developments, Charitable relief for charitable institutions which own a material interest in the land will get full relief from their share of the liability where the chargeable development will be used ‘wholly, or mainly for charitable purposes’ and meet the Requirements of Regulation 43. Social housing and self build homes are also exempt.
    It is not the moneypot some councillors might think it is.


  3. The Council is already trying to “snaffle” the money that Parish/Town councils are entitled to. They are trying to “encourage” Town/Parish Councils to put the monies into “joint accounts”, and come up with “joint projects”. What this means in reality is that they would like you to pay half the £50,000 towards say a zebra crossing, instead of using the money on a project the Parish/Town would like to do.
    But as normal, Labour controlled Councils will just roll over and do as they are told by Billy Smarts circus, they will not care if those who elected them lose out .


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