Nuisance quad bikes and off-road motorcycles seized in South Yorkshire Police crackdown

Joint working between South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council has resulted in a number of off-road motor-cycles and quad bikes being seized.

Following particular issues with nuisance bikes throughout the borough, Area Assemblies in Rotherham funded a number of “Section 171 signs”.

These warning notices can be placed in prominent areas where there is a problem with off-road bikes and give police powers to seize nuisance vehicles without having to issue the rider with a statutory notice.

The issue has been a particular problem in Rotherham West Ward, which covers areas such as Meadowbank and Masbrough. Local councillors for the area who have been pressing for action against the problem now say they have seen great improvements.

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Quad bikes and off-road vehicles seized in Rotherham borough-wide crackdown

POLICE have seized dozens of off-road motorbikes and quad bikes as part of a joint crackdown with council bosses.

Area assemblies — made up of police officers and councillors — have introduced Section 171 signs in areas where nusiance off-road bikes have been reported which give police the power to seize them without having to issue the rider without a statutory notice.

Rotherham Borough Council said the issue “had been a particular problem” in Meadowbank and Masbrough.

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