Public services ‘STILL not dealing properly with child grooming’

Healthcare systems are even now lagging behind in their ability to respond adequately to child sexual exploitation, a senior Bradford politician has claimed.

A catalogue of mistakes and missed opportunities has been acknowledged at both Bradford Council and West Yorkshire Police in their protection of a young girl in the district in 2011 and 2012.

The teenager, known only as Autumn, was just 13 and 14 when she was repeatedly sexually abused by a gang of Asian men.

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4 thoughts on “Public services ‘STILL not dealing properly with child grooming’

  1. More stories this side of the road are coming out, only to fall on deaf ears, if not proactively buried.
    The same structure of suppression applies – local authority, politicians, police, and yes, the courts.


  2. You forgot to add the all encompassing ‘Diversity’ and ‘Integration’.
    Meaningless words used by councillors who are terrified of people using the race card instead of implementing robust plans to tackle all sex crimes.


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