Taxi powers to return to Rotherham council

TAXI licensing powers will be returned to Rotherham Borough Council using a “phased approach”, the Government has announced.

Communities secretary Sajid Javid said the government would continue to oversee decisions until March 2019 to “secure the safety of the area’s most vulnerable residents”.

The Government appointed five commissioners to exercise all executive and some non-executive functions at the council in February 2015, following the publication of the Jay and Casey reports.

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Javid hints at Rotherham ‘special measures’ end date

GOVERNMENT officials look set to play a role in the running of Rotherham Council for at least two more years despite more powers returning to the hands of councillors.

Local Government Secretary Sajid Javid confirmed licensing will be the latest area of responsbility to be handed back to Rotherham councillors.

However, the Government-appointed commissioners sent in to run the authority last year will continue to “oversee” the decisions they take in this area until March 2019.

Mr Javid’s predecessor, Eric Pickles, identified March 2019 as the end point for the Government’s intervention in Rotherham when he first appointed the commissioners.

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Rotherham Council gets back taxi licensing powers after abuse scandal

Taxi licencing powers are to be returned to Rotherham Council following improvements in the wake of the child sexual exploitation scandal.

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has announced there will be a ‘phased’ return of powers to the authority, with Government-appointed commissioners continuing to oversee licensing decisions until March 2019.

Commissioners were appointed to run the council in February 2015 after critical reports by Baroness Alexis Jay and Dame Louise Casey highlighted how poor policies and procedures with taxi licensing had contributed to child abuse in Rotherham.

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4 thoughts on “Taxi powers to return to Rotherham council

  1. Whose head(s) rolled at Officer level at Licensing ?? Why doesn’t Sajid Javid, in his elevated level in Government, now install all the measures introduced into EMBC taxi licensing to all Local Authorities nationwide? This would stop the practice of drivers getting their licence and plates from neighbouring LAs with lesser standards e.g. Rossendale who appear to have “sacked” their own Licensing whistle blower for exposing the unconventional goings on there !


  2. RMBC cannot be trusted with our money nor should they be trusted with controlling Taxi licensing, phased or otherwise.
    The new standards for PHV’s registered in Rotherham did not come into force because RMBC thought of them, they were implemented by Commissioner Ney.

    As for the lame excuses that RMBC cannot control PHV’s registered in another town operating in Rotherham; that is bunkum.
    I’m only a simple man but I found this judgement: (The Conclusion is the important part)

    Most RMBC councillors and the Leader haven’t got an original thought between them.


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