Plans for office-holders to swear allegiance to British values

Every public office-holder may have to swear an oath of allegiance to British values, Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has signalled.

The loyalty pledge would be expected to cover elected officials, civil servants, and council workers. Mr Javid’s proposal comes in response to a report on social cohesion by Dame Louise Casey, which warned some sections of society did not accept British values such as tolerance.

He said he was “drawn” to Dame Louise’s recommendation to bring in an oath of allegiance because it was impossible for people to play a “positive role” in public life unless they accepted basic values like democracy and equality.

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Loyalty oath for all public office holders

All holders of public office will have to swear an oath of allegiance to British values in an attempt to combat extremism. Sajid Javid, the communities secretary, said it was not possible for people to play a “positive role” in public life unless they accepted such basic values as democracy, equality and freedom of speech.

He intervened after a damning report by Dame Louise Casey, the government’s community cohesion tsar, which warned that some Muslim communities were living in extreme isolation from the rest of society and some did not share British values such as tolerance.

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The Casey Review: a review into opportunity and integration

Click on images to get your own copy. This is serious stuff which demands careful study.





9 thoughts on “Plans for office-holders to swear allegiance to British values

  1. There is nothing nationalistic,militaristic,racist or xenophobic about swearing allegiance to your country.

    Diane Abbott once said she wanted to “dismantle” the “police, armed services, judiciary and monarchy”. Abbott is Shadow Home Secretary and now refuses to confirm she would not swear allegiance to HM The Queen.
    When Abbott was sworn in as an MP she took the oath:
    “I (name of Member) swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, according to law. So help me God”.

    What is the problem with taking an oath of allegiance?


    • The one problem might be for a candidate elected to abolish the monarchy and establish a republic. In a democracy candidates must be able to seek change.
      However, such things could be overcome .
      There is a right to oppose and if the social contract is broken there is a duty to rebel. As yet that is theory based on John Locke’s philosophy.


  2. British values probably means that one must accept the liberal consensus of multiculturalism, gay marriage, multiple law codes et cetera or be banned from the democratic process or public service. I suspect that is the real aim .


  3. What could be a stumbling block for local Labour Councillors and MPs is democracy a true British value actually representing the majority of people’s wishes now that would be a first


  4. What a waste of time. The very people who this is aimed at chop/change alliances at the drop of a hat. According to the general public, MPs, and Councillors, (and that includes Town and Parish Councillors) are one of the least trusted groups going, so why would they trust someone from this group, who sticks up their hand and swears an oath.
    Its the same old story, the “good” ones will do their duty and abide by the oath, the others just ignore it.
    Update on our Communist friend Diane Abbott, She, who you know, sticks to her good Labour principles, I read in the paper yesterday that she has been offered a seat on the Privy Council. where she will have to swear an oath to the Queen.
    I presume she will be sitting right next to Jezza,, another communist who is blinded by his bright red goggles, and was so enthralled with her Maj that he stuck to his principles, and also joined up.
    What a strange world we live in.


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