Council cornering the market

Rotherham Council is set to block plans for a rival market in Rotherham town centre.

Market Franchise Rights are used by the Council to manage the markets that take place within the borough and ensure that the retailing environment created is successful. The legality of who can hold markets stems back 800 years when it is thought that the original royal market charter was granted by King John in the year 1207.

With the Council operating the main 88 stall market around the Centenary Market Hall, it set out its latest policy in 2013 which states that any nearby market requires a Market Rights Licence granted by the Council. The policy states that if a market is established without first obtaining the necessary licence from the Council, the market will be considered to be unlawful and the Council will take whatever legal action is deemed necessary to prevent that market from operating.

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4 Responses to Council cornering the market

  1. Colin Tawn says:

    Typical Labour party response to anyone who wants to use private capital to enhance the town.
    Is RMBC seriously suggesting the Centenary Market is attractive? It is a festering dump that should have been remodelled and refurbished 10 years ago. Or demolished.
    RMBC has not got the money nor the expertise to revitalise the town centre. Let private companies provide money and jobs to kick start retail revolution this town needs.

  2. S Thornton says:

    If I was the rival company, I would write to the justice department and ask if the RMBC Council had “a conflict of interest” as they make money by refusing others the right to trade.
    I would imagine that since the 1200`s this issue has come forward before, and there will be a legal ruling on the subject.
    Just cos RMBC sez it, dont mean its true.

  3. Caven Vines says:

    I said it in the Council chamber and I’ll say it again the labour group on the council have the business acumen of a pickled onion

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