Farage angered at lack of transatlantic job

NIGEL FARAGE was branded “unfit” to represent the UK after the former UK Independence Party leader criticised Theresa May for refusing to employ him as a go-between with incoming US president Donald Trump.

Mr Farage insisted he could be a “bridge” between London and Washington and described Downing Street’s position as “small-minded”.

But Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron criticised Mr Farage for continuing to pursue his ambition to represent UK interests.

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/farage-angered-at-lack-of-transatlantic-job-1-8295212

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2 Responses to Farage angered at lack of transatlantic job

  1. S Thornton says:

    Come on, who really believed he was going to be offered the job ??. Some hack clearly saw a gap to fill a few lines of blank newspaper. Sad thing is that the two News channels were stupid enough to pick up the story and run with it.

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