Tuition fee rise ‘sneaked out’ on website

The move to increase university tuition fees in England to £9,250 has been launched – without any announcement from the Department for Education.

The changes to the fees, affecting more than 500,000 students beginning in the autumn, was put onto a government website last week.

Opposition parties have called it “shabby” and “avoiding scrutiny”.

The Department for Education has rejected suggestions it wanted to deflect attention from the increase.

Tuition fees in England have been fixed at £9,000 since 2012 – but the government wants to allow fees to increase each year with inflation, with an initial increase to £9,250 from the autumn.

MPs wanting to scrutinise the plans had been waiting for the government to publish its bid to increase fees.

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2 thoughts on “Tuition fee rise ‘sneaked out’ on website

  1. This is a shabby move by the DfE.
    All increases in tuition fees should be widely publicised in the press and on TV.

    ‘the government wants to allow fees to increase each year with inflation,’
    The proposed new fee represents an increase of 2.78%.The current inflation rate is 1.3%.
    The rate of inflation is forecast to be 2.7% in 2020.
    Based on these figures the DfE should make this a one off increase,nothing more.

    Justine Greening needs to get a grip-or another job.


  2. Which political party introduced tuition fees and which South Yorkshire MP said that he would oppose any increase in tuition fees?

    They are all as bad as each other.


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