Far-right protests draining police resources, figures reveal

South Yorkshire police forced to spend almost £5m since start of 2012 on keeping peace at demonstrations

South Yorkshire police have spent nearly £5m on policing far-right protests since the beginning of 2012, figures have shown.

Freedom of information requests by the Guardian have revealed that 99.5% of the force’s overall expenditure on protests from the beginning of 2012 to October this year went on policing demonstrations by far-right groups.

Between the start of 2012 and October 2016, the force spent £4,672,083 on policing demonstrations by the far right, with a single demonstration in Rotherham in September 2014 costing just over £1m. The figures provided by the force do not include salaries and planning costs, so the total figure is likely to be higher.

Of the police forces that responded to the Guardian’s request for information, South Yorkshire’s overall costs were by far the highest.

Read on… https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/dec/25/far-right-protests-draining-police-resources-figures-reveal

8 thoughts on “Far-right protests draining police resources, figures reveal

  1. Far-right protests draining police resources …… laugh out effing loud….it should read PROTESTS draining police resources… there seems to be more trouble when UAF and the none group.. British muslim youth lead by the muppet Muhbeen Hussain appear in the town … IF the dumb police force told counter demonstrators they can not have the same day there would be no trouble … AH but the UAF and British muslim youth are not trying to hold SYP to account for their lack of action are they ? only so called far right groups do this …. no wonder they are not popular with police.


  2. Why is it in the main stream media that anyone who advocates controlled immigration as opposed to open border mass immigration are always referred ‘ Far-right’ but Jeremy Corbyn and the 1970’s communist rump who have taken over the Labour Party are never referred to as ‘Far-left’? Just asking.


    • I too would love to know why there is this media, official and political bias towards the Left. Corbyn’s Left is what I would refer to as Far Left but the media etc., either are on the Left themselves or do not dare say anything against the Left. I have seen online some of these marches and it appears time and time again that the spectators and agitator groups against the march are causing all the trouble.


      • “I too would love to know why there is this media, official and political bias towards the Left.”

        It’s hard-wired into them, thoroughly propagandised during their formative years

        Check out the latest grooming gang convictions and see how much coverage they got in the Guardian


        16 convictions in the Halifax case last summer, I don’t recall it being covered at all in the pc rag; whereas they go into feeding frenzy over a few football coaches – 2 of whom served jail time years ago


  3. “I’d say a case could be made because they’re not just coming and saying their piece and going away.
    “South Yorkshire police doesn’t just have to deal with the far-right marches, but with the reasons that there are far-right marches here, which are things like CSE [child sexual abuse] investigations.!

    Well at least the sanctimonious Labour creep admits the reason for the “far right” marches, though I suppose he could hardly weasel out of it. But he has the nerve to argue that they should be banned on entirely spurious grounds. No doubt these demonstrations would stop were it to be the case that shed loads of plods, Labour politicians and council apparatchiks were charged(for complicity, dereliction of duty, corruption etc) and of course very many more groomers with the vile cocktail of sexual and other offences which are their trademark.

    Thus far we have seen a handful of charges for indecent assault from Stovewood, pretty paltry fruit from the NCA Operation billed as the largest ever CSE enquiry and which has been “in progress” for well over a year now.

    Can’t expect much hurry-up from any Labour politicos with their bloc postal vote/politically correct baggage of course, the reason Billings gives for wanting to suppress dissent is sickening cant


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