2017 a crucial year for Corbyn and the Labour Party’s future

THE COMING 12 months will be a crucial year for Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and for the future of Labour as a whole, one of his former rivals has warned, as the party struggles to heal the divisions laid bare by the European Union referendum.

Following June’s dramatic vote to leave the EU, Wakefield MP Mary Creagh says Labour finds itself “split” between a traditional Brexit-backing core in the North and a metropolitan support base in the South.

And speaking to The Yorkshire Post, she warns the party must now find a way to reunite this “electoral coalition”, or risk finding itself in the position of being “the party of the zero per cent”.

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/2017-a-crucial-year-for-corbyn-and-the-labour-party-s-future-1-8308726

2 thoughts on “2017 a crucial year for Corbyn and the Labour Party’s future

  1. An effective opposition party is essential to hold (any) government to account. Scrutiny of legislation is part of our democracy. The Labour party under Corbyn’s leadership is not capable of providing the alternative voice its supporters demand to oppose Theresa May.

    The Islington Labour luvvies who control the Labour party seem to be content to watch their traditional supporters and voters fade away in the belief that groups like Momentum and Corbyn’s rhetoric will eventually persuade us to elect him as PM.
    It Is Not Going To Happen. Ever.

    The Labour party has a choice: Elect a new leader or face being almost wiped out at the next general election.


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