The Year That Was 2016 Top twenty

2016 was another busy year for Rotherham Politics with over a million page views.

  1. Gavin Felton introduces himself
  2. Another victim?
  3. Rotherham councillor accused of rape
  4. Rotherham Borough Council Results 2016
  5. The Rotherham whistleblower
  6. Rotherham Trial No1 at Sheffield Crown Court
  7. A small selection of the Wilson’s media work
  8. Cllr Andrew Roddison – Town Hall sex pest?
  9. Rotherham East Ward – Labour’s candidates revealed
  10. New HS2 plans for South Yorkshire recommended
  11. How 100 men were able to prey on one vulnerable Halifax schoolgirl for two years
  12. Sadiq Khan an asset or liability? Surely He Must Go?
  13. CSE – the Taxi connection
  14. Rotherham abuse whistleblower Jayne Senior awarded MBE
  15. Still in denial?
  16. Ex-Rotherham Council deputy leader named as politician ‘involved in ‘no prosecution’ deal with alleged child abuser’
  17. ‘A lot of men abused these girls’
  18. UKIP Rotherham and the future?
  19. The Wellgate Riot Trial
  20. Jahangir Akhtar – The investigation that never was

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